On the back of the DVD box it says “Ever wonder what happens when a few hundred bike riders with an insatiable taste for fire, beer and mayhem ride hand-built choppers across twisty, pitted tarmac from SoCal to Baja and back?”. That’s a pretty accurate description. This is definitely not a DVD that will score you credits with your uptight aunt. But it’s not so naughty you have to hide it with your dog grooming and how to make your own pet clothes collection.

It was with great anticipation I watched El Diablo Run – EDR – A Mexican Motorcycle Adventure. I always wanted to go on that run. But living on the other side of the pond, it would mean having to ship over my motorcycle to the states. That’s a little spicy on the wallet, so it haven’t happened yet.

When I watched the movie it was cold as hell and snow all over here in Denmark. That’s a warning for you. If you have any kind of passion for this madness, don’t do that unless you are also a bit of a masochist. It made me realize of far away summer is, and how much I miss riding my motorcycle with a bunch of like minded nutters.

I’m extremely happy that they took the time to make this film and put it out on DVD. Then at least I got a taste of what the EDR is like. It seems to be just as I imagined. Now I want to go even more.

If I have to put my finger on something, it would be that film is a little bit familiar. It takes it a tiny bit for granted that you know what the EDR. I would have liked to see more of the history behind the run and the people who started it. But then again, as they say in film, “the EDR is just about showing up on your motorcycle and take a ride for the weekend with some friends”. No need for unnecessary dwelling or trying to make things what they are not. You have to respect that, I guess.

I’m giving it 4/5. It’s definitely a film that will do good on one of those wednesday hang-out-with-the-lads-in-the-garage nights. Highly recommendable, and you can buy it online from choppertown.

El Diablo Run – EDR – A Mexican Motorcycle Adventure rating:
Review rating 4/5 helmets

Here’s the trailer.

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One Response to “DVD Review: EDR – A Mexican Motorcycle Adventure”

  1. James  February 2nd

    “pitted tarmac”? I did the trip from Oakland to Cabo and the roads were BETTER in Mexico. Any time you are ready to ride Baja, let me know and I will meet you there.

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