Concept bike designer Nicolas Petit has designed an electric Harley Davidson. I bet that’s going to sit tough with the Harley crowd. The story does not mention anything about this actually being endorse by the Harley Davidson company. But I bet it’s a good way for Nicolas to bring attention both to himself and the whole eco question.


I admit I’m a bit biased towards this. It’s not that I wouldn’t ride an electrical Harley. But I would in no way compare it to what riding my old ’73 shovel means to me. For me, riding my old boat is a nostalgia trip. It’s all about the legends, the history of customizing, and paying tribute to the rebellion against the establishment riding a chopped bike used to mean.

That said, I’m all for the whole eco wave. I see no reason why commuting vehicles and commercial transport should not be made to pollute as little as possible. As long as they don’t ban the recreational use of classic cars and motorcycles.


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22 Responses to “Electric Harley Davidson Concept”

  1. 125cc Bikes  May 1st

    That’s niiice..

  2. Donald  May 2nd

    I read not long ago that H-D was going to get in line for some government stimulus package cash themselves. Geez, so for the last 30 years, their brand has been awesome because they sell nothing but $20k behemouth bikes. Now, they have a hard time staying afloat. The smallest bike H-D sells is a 883cc. Yeah, an electric H-D will go over like a lead balloon, but if they really want to get some financial assistance, it’s this kind of fresh thinking that may help them. Why the hell doesn’t Harley develop a more affordable 650 size bike for the rest of us? Why is it that they only make two ton motorcycles? Just my opinion…

  3. matt  May 3rd

    I don’t see hardcore bikers using that. It’s kinda like….umm.. a moped!

  4. Motorbike Jacket  May 4th

    There is a distinctive sound that comes from the engine on a Harley. It’s a sound that no other motorcycle makes, and a big selling point for Harley Davidson.

    Still, there might be a market for a HD that is electric.

  5. Rat  May 8th

    An electric Harley? No, I don’t think it’s commercially viable. Now, a sleek hybrid — VTwin Powering a generator, electric motor powering the wheels … that would be slick. You’ve got the green appeal, you’ve got the trademark Harley sound, and you’ve got even more torque than before.

  6. Motorbike helmets  May 11th

    Marketing a HD that is electric might be tough in my opinion considering HD is not really making money these days. Yes, I agree that they are trying to come up with new things but I am still reluctant.

  7. motorcycle9  May 12th

    nice your web i like

  8. Ted  May 14th

    650 “a moped!” Matt, Only if you’re 300+ pounds. I can popawheel on my 650 and it does 110 on the highway.

    “affordable 650” Donald, if Harley or Yamaha came out with a affordable base model 650 with decent lines it would sell like crazy in the states.

  9. NeitteeGero  May 20th

    Nice post!! Will definitely visit again!

  10. Max Manroe  June 10th

    I am absolutely do not like the concept, electric Harley Davidson not for the H-Ders, i think that’s just for sober transportation. It’s missing the spirit of strength of Harley Davidson. My opinion about electric Harley Davidson concept is bad idea.

  11. Big Dog Motorcycles  October 3rd

    I agree with the comment that mention the degree of difficulty in marketing to the average harley rider. Our customers would have trouble accepting something so different. But I guess never say never….

  12. Bill Wotring  November 3rd

    It’s about time Harley Davidson attempted something different. I’ve always wanted a Harley made in the USA. This is a great chance for H-D to move into the 21st century. Do they have the guts? Only time will tell.

  13. Lawrence Rhodes  March 27th

    There is no reason not to have an electric Harley. It would be accepted by just the persons turned off by loud motorcycles. The day is coming weather the hardcore like it or not. Moped? Properly designed an electric Harley will blow a gas one out of the water in acceleration. Lawrence Rhodes San Francisco

  14. Michael Craner  July 20th

    I agree with Lawrence…electric HD could blow away a gas one and talk about rebel appeal…as a Tesla owner I can attest to the speed of the Electrics and the strong “sticking it to the man” factor of not paying for their oil. Only thing left is noise, but I think any HD fan would appreciate a quiet ride…just you the wind and the road…the impressive gargle of a gas engine can get old on a long trip.

  15. bob gilles  July 21st

    I am a buyer today!!!

  16. ElectricThrust  July 26th

    That’s great! The Concept bike looks clean, futuristic, but still stays with the classic Harley theme! Electric Thrust is also working on an electric Harley, But ours is a conversion. This Harley 2008 nightster roadster is a gorgeous piece of machinery! We’re also getting a lot of guff about it from the die hard Haley lovers.

  17. welder 1  August 26th

    Nice, kind of like a fat girl fun to ride jus don’t want your friends see you riden. i’ll try anything one time, or most anything.

  18. Zak Fisher  October 1st

    electric motors are great if you just do some proper maintennance on them’.,

  19. ElectricThrust  October 1st

    Absolutely! A well maintained electric motor will out perform an ordinary gas motor any day! Here’s a video proving that you don’t need a gas powered Porsche 914 to burn some rubber!

  20. Rudyblue  January 31st

    I’d love it. A light weight coffee bike that was easy to hold up. I’m over 60 and this would keep be going to get coffe at night for about 5 more years. I love the way it looks. If it runs as good as it looks, I’d buy one tomorrow. We never go over 45 mph down our busy streets in town. I have a Softail classic for more than that. But, I’d live on the thing. Maybe work on it. I hope they put it out.

  21. Ken F  July 7th

    Was wondering if there was an electric HD around… jeez, I gotta say EV bikes, not so hot – why do they all look like glorified dirt bikes, what if I just want a cruiser for tooling around town in the summer? Can’t we make something a little less futuristic and stick to the classics?

    My two cents.

  22. Scott  January 3rd

    That is a cool bike. I think it might be to big a step for most companys to make but at least it gets them thinking. I have always thought that Harley should just make a diesel.
    If torque is what we are after why not just do it. Then do a diesel electric hybrid.

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