A Michelin Pilot Power review (1/2)

You know how it’s like trying to choose the right tyres for your motorcycle. The selection is wider than the horizon and the advertising copy promise you the world. Unless of course, you’re part of the less profitable market manufactures are ignoring, because of tyre sizes that don’t match that of the rubber disintegrating crotch rockets.

But otherwise the process of selecting motorcycle tyres opens your eyes to what infernal dilemma your better half is facing when selecting the right colour for the living room. It takes time and consideration, reading about it in magazines, asking your surroundings what they think, and going through hundreds of scenarios where different options would be best. Until you get insane, and just go to the nearest shop and get what ever they have in stock.

Motorcycle_tyres_1_1The Honda Hornet 900 (919) was born with a pair of Bridgestone BT56 (at least in Europe) which lasted me around 12-13.000 km (8.000 mi) including a trip to France on a lot of freeway and a track day. I liked the tyres, but wanted to try something else. When the BT56’s finally gave up (very worn, and punctured), I had the choice of Pirelli Dragon GTS or Pirelli Diablo Corsa. It was in France and I sort of needed tyres to get any further, so I decided to go for the Dragon GTS. Which they said, at the shop, would be the same as my BT56’s.

The Dragons was not my cup of tea, and we really never made friends, a wee too much of a touring tyre for my riding style. After some what 6.000 km (3.700 mi) including free ways, track days, wet, gravel, country roads, you name it (no, not the Nairobi desert) I had enough and decided to take on the goliath of choices and look for new rubber.

My final choice, after weeks in the tower consulting stones and tea leaves, was a pair of Michelin Pilot Power. What exactly made me decide and how I feel about my decision now that I’ve had 5-600 km and a track day on the Michelin Pilot Power’s, I’ll discuss in my next post.

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