Check out this video of Italian motorcycle police in the fifties showing off some serious riding skill. Why didn’t the Chinese try that at the Olympics in Beijing.

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8 Responses to “Example of serious riding skill”

  1. Pan Chopper Man  September 17th

    Jesper, you are the King of Blog Video’s. Thanks for putting a smile on my face. That was great.
    Why don’t motorcycle enthusiasts get together and do stuff like that now?

    Pan Chopper Man
    Maine, USA

  2. ADam  September 17th

    Whoa!!! watchout!!!!!

    I wonder how many crashes there were in practice?

  3. Jesper  September 17th

    Yea it’s amazing isn’t it. I bet there’s a trick to it, and a lot of practice of course no doubt. But it has to be easier than it looks, otherwise it’s just sick.

  4. Nixon  September 18th

    Wow… that was so entertaining.

  5. James  September 19th

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  6. alan  September 25th

    wow, amazing and very of the best

  7. Moto Man  October 2nd

    Dude I agree with PCM… Why the heck don’t people do that these days???

    Cool video.. Peace.

  8. Motorcycleinfo  October 5th

    Looks like some good old-fashioned fun to me! Does anyone know what make of motorcycles they are riding?

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