Step right up! The incredible Fall Guy Gus is getting ready to attempt the highly dangerous jump off of the treacherous Komodo Canyon! After taking two years out of the limelight to train for the biggest stunt of his entire career, Fall Guy Gus is back and he’s ready to show the world who the king of daredevils is. Several riders have tried and all have failed, with some never getting back on their bikes again. Not only is he risking to attempt the farthest jump that has never been safely landed, but if Fall Guy Gus doesn’t make it across, then he’ll be landing right in the heart of what thousands of hungry Komodo dragons call home. Can Fall Guy Gus achieve the impossible? Come find out for yourself. This is an event that you don’t want to miss!

Get your souvenir shirts to remember this day by! “…vs Komodo Canyon” by Gimetzco! is on sale at Tilteed from now until Thursday at 12pm PT!


As you might have guessed. This is pure fiction. But I just thought it was so great that I had to share it with you. The idea of making up an imaginary event and selling the merchandise is pretty clever and funny. Especially when it’s a crazy dare devil jumping a huge canyon of hungry komodo dragons and the t-shirt is pretty cool too.

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10 Responses to “Fall Guy Gus vs. Komodo Canyon Motorcycle Stunt”

  1. Jonathon Lester  September 2nd

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  2. 5.11 tactical  September 16th

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  3. My Bikers World  September 20th

    Hmmm… The event looks like really attrctive one. I think there gonna be much fun there. So, I’m packing my luggage into my saddlebags!

  4. St Pete Hair Salon  September 23rd

    Great post, I look forward to seeing more things like this

  5. RocketBoy  September 28th

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  6. ukbiker  November 30th

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  7. RotoShave  January 7th

    This is it. Bring it on.

  8. Dicky  January 7th

    Had to laugh good story

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