Salt flats racing has always fascinated me. As I’ve said before, trying to beat some sort of record on the Bonneville Salt Flats is on my checklist of things I’d like to do before I leave this mud ball.

Recently I ran into a Dane who is way ahead of me, and is actually doing something about it.


His name is Lars, and he got bitten by the salt bug in 2008 when he by a leap of faith got invited to join a team who intended to run an INDIAN powered Land Speed Record Streamliner named the DREAMCATCHER at the BUB Speed Trails.

The experience got Lars hooked, and now he’s building his own bike to take to the Salt Flats. The bike, named “Salt Cracker” is an INDIAN 741, 600cc Special Construction Class Vintage Supercharged Fuel  (650 A-VBF).



Lars’ original plan was to race the bike in August 2009. But you know how it is with plans, and Lars didn’t get ready in time. As he told me, he wouldn’t bring the bike to Bonneville and have everybody fly in and help him on something he wasn’t totally confident about yet. Lars have postponed his try to 2010, to have some more time to work on the bike.

Lucky enough for me. Because then I have some more time to follow his progress and how the bike does at Bonneville next year.

Lars is not new to building motorcycles. Below is some photos of his previous builds. You can also follow his building diary at




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3 Responses to “First ever salt flats racer built in Denmark”

  1. jeffrey najar  September 7th

    Lars has a good eye when building his custom bikes. BUB is becoming a real international event. Good luck in 2010!

  2. Simca  September 8th

    Looks pretty cool. I want to try it, at least once a life time.

  3. Frank  October 6th

    A few more technical details and I can put it on my website 🙂

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