Yes, I mean soccer, but here in Europe it’s called football. But this game is called motoball, and is football (soccer) played on motorcycles. Sounds pretty dangerous doesn’t it.

Bob over at TheOffSide wrote an exellent post on the phenomenon, and as he mentions:

“Each team has four motorcycle riding field players and one keeper who sadly is no longer allowed to ride a motorcycle too because this proved to be a bit too psychotic for the sport’s own good.”

Imagine that. The keeper charging the attacking players; must have caused some serious crashes.

Here’s a video of the game being played. Those guys drive in and out between each other like a school of fish, pretty amazing.

And here’s a longer documentary that takes a deeper look at this weird sport. Unfortunately it’s in german, but still gives a pretty good impression.

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24 Responses to “Football played on motorcycles”

  1. Tayla dillon  April 9th

    How do I get into the game?
    Tayla Dillon

  2. Jesper  April 9th

    I don’t really know, Tayla. Seems to be popular certain places in Germany. I suggest searching your local motorcycle forums, and asking if anyone is playing in your area.

  3. sasha  April 28th

    This game actually originated in England and by 1926 had been imported to Germany, where it is discussed in the German Motorcycle Fedation’s magazine (DMV), “Motor-Rad-Sport, Verkehr und Technik”. Coventry seemed to have the most successful motorcycle football club between the wars. And according to the description I have from 1926, it was played ith 6 players and according to this description the goal keeper supposedly had no special priveleges (i.e. was not allowed to use his hands!)

  4. carolyn howarth  August 18th

    My dad played motorcycle football for england in 1949….his name was Tom Powles and I have photographs of him on the field, with the rest of the team, and being presented to Prince Philip…I think my dad was Captain but know very little else. I do know they played Sweden and I have a silver plaque that was given as a momento……does anyone else have information about the game ?

  5. Chris  August 21st

    Hi there.
    I was looking for pics of my team playing when I came across this page.
    I actually play for the Hayes and South Hall Motoball team one of the two remaining official teams in England. We as a club are trying to promote the sport by putting on display matches at various BMF shows around England.
    If anyone is interested in starting it up or looking to start there own team up I’d be more than happy to help pass on the relevant info on what to do.
    Also if anyone reading this is based in the south east we are putting on a display at the Essex country fair at Barleylands farm on the 8th & 9th of September.

  6. Chris  September 4th

    My Grandfather played for the Coventry Aces between the wars. I have managed to find some footage of the team on but would love more information from anyone who knows. We have several of his cups from football and speedway and pictures of him with the team. I would love any information anyone can provide…

  7. Pat  October 19th

    I would like to start a league in the US. Any info and video would be really appreciated.
    My email is

  8. Victor  August 26th

    We do a version of this in Arlington, WA. We use TL125’s, and it’s not quite as violent as the German game, but it’s hella fun and intense nonetheless.

  9. Brian Parkes  November 23rd

    My father, Bernard Parkes, played motorcycle football whilst still in the army after having been wounded in Galipoli and France. He also played Roller skate hockey and football in, I believe, Sheffield and Manchester.

  10. Tim  June 30th

    I played in Arlington Wa. this past weekend WHAT A BLAST!!!!!

  11. Dave Healey  August 10th

    Back in the seventies I played motoball for Metropolitan Police, other teams in this country I recall were Hayes & Southall, Border Motor Cycle club, Harwich. We also played in Holland and Europe with an English Team. It would be nice to here from any of the old players. I thought the game was brilliant and reasonably cheap to partake. Most of us used BSA C15’s adapted for Motorball

  12. o traveseiro » Blog Archive » Máis motos e menos fútbol  August 11th

    […] Ou as dúas cousas á vez […]

  13. Dave Leach  October 2nd

    Hello Dave Healey
    We played together back in the 70 and 80 and over to holland in the old thames van. I still play now but on a 175 yamaha the old C15 have long been retired. Dicky Attewell son still plays Geoff Attewell. The games we play now are more demonstration at shows and the like please get in touch as it would be good to get together again. I am still in contact with Fred Cotton Regards Dave Leach

  14. Mary  March 12th

    Great blog! WOW! that’s really a nice article.

  15. Harriet Russell  May 21st

    Football is a bit tiring game but it has given me great excitement and it is a good physical exercise too.,-:

  16. Tia Gray  July 20th

    avid Football fan in here, Manchester United is my favorite team.*:~

  17. Gracie Hayes  October 5th

    once a week i use a roller skate as my exercise ~~.

  18. Gate Latch ·  November 9th

    roller skating is a very enjoying sports and past time too `

  19. jon  December 4th

    Look out for my book Motorcycle football in Gloucestershire. It will be available from amazon in january 2011. Covers not only Gloucestershire but the whole of the uk between 1924-1950

  20. wholesale football boots  April 6th

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  21. Guy Highfield  April 28th

    Hi Dave H & Dave L, I used to play with Border with my cousins Peter & Brian Hall, best thing I ever done and would love to do it again, I think my 1st game was at ember court & played at the Ahoi stadiam in Rotterdam where I broke my wrist they were fun days, Guy

  22. Dave Healey  April 29th

    Hello Dave Leach
    I obviously remember very well our trips to me it was probabley the greatest of times, Do you remember the dutch chappy called Harry and his antics – brilliant eh!
    I am on friends reunited and currently live in devon it would be nice to get in touch again

    Dave H

  23. Dave Leach  May 23rd

    Hi Dave and Guy
    Nice to hear from both of you again we just played our first game of the season last Sunday in Kent(22-May-2011). and we have a couple more at Hamstreet later on in the year. Dave H I will be down in North Devon in June may be we can get together and have a drink and talk about old times on the Moto-Ball pitch
    Lets try and get in touch
    Dave Leach

  24. MSC-Reporter  July 26th

    Hallo Freunde aus England,
    ich kenne Motoball gegen England noch persönlich. Bin beim Club (früher MSC Davenstedt), heute 1. MSC Seelze, ca. 10 km bei Hannover. War ca. Ende der 60-er, Anfang der 70-Jahre.

    Besucht mal meine Homepage, da steht alles über Motoball in Europa.

    MSC-Reporter Horst Leonhardt from Seelze

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