You take a motorcycle, a fake skeleton, a microphone, a pair of speakers, and some remote control gadgets. Then you put it all together and drive it around town after dark, having the contraption shout at the youngsters that always nick your apples. The perfect recipe to secure yourself the title as the town “old grumpy nutter”. Personally I’d probably go for the killer clown outfit and parasite popcorn gun.

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4 Responses to “Freaking out the squares”

  1. Remington Steele  May 20th

    the video is from brazil, and the guy keeps saying things like i’m gonna take you to hell, let’s take a walk in hell, i’m going to get you…etc

  2. Jesper  May 20th

    Guess they scare easy in Brazil.

  3. Pan Chopper Man  July 15th

    Looks like an old beer drinking buddy I used to know. He acted the same way.
    Can’t say much for that bike though.

  4. health  May 23rd

    Guess they scare easy in Brazil.

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