Underground independent motorcycle movies are popping up all over the place these days. Some might be better off as YouTube clips, and some really offers cool insights that the polished Discovery shows can’t come close to. Free to wander is a bit in both camps. The interviews with the motorcycle riders, artists and fabricators are totally awesome. They are what it’s all about, and what carries the movie all the way.

I think the movie could have been maybe 15-20 minutes shorter if they had left out the pseudo-surreal-image-fade-over-mood-sections. At some point I seriously wondered if the same people who shot the footage also edited the movie. There’s some weird shit in there with some horses and some Indians that sorta sticks out. But ignore that, and Free to wander is a really great insight in today’s chopper culture. Worth a place in your collection for sure.

There’s plenty of cool bikes in the movie. Some of them gets a walk through by the builder explaining some of the finer details on the bikes. I like it when they do that in motorcycle movies. We’re always looking for inspiration for our own bikes, and nothing sucks more than noticing a detail on a bike that you only see for a split second. In Free to Wander you get a little closer on some of the bikes. It’s good, but I still want more though, because you can never have enough.

You can get the movie from the guys at Choppertown.

Verdict: 3/5 helmets
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5 Responses to “Free to wander DVD review”

  1. richard  April 9th

    In bollywood such chopper bikes are getting in use. So people are being very much crazy to bye it.

  2. Kindal Guthrie  April 10th

    It’s a pretty good flick over all, and it is so interesting to see the craziness of the culture

  3. LumpyCam  April 13th

    Great to see more productions coming out. On Any Sunday was great and all but… let’s get on with some new culture!!

  4. Kitchen Rugs ·  November 3rd

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  5. Grace Brown  December 2nd

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