San Francisco is a great place plenty of motorcycle culture to go around. I just got back from SF, and here’s a few impressions I brought home.

They have plenty of motorcycle only parking spots. We don’t have them in Denmark

One of San Franciscos finest at work

Now that’s a street

Plenty of nice bikes

Lots of nice European bikes as well. Here’s a Ducati Multistrada with all the bells and whistles.

Here’s a few from Zeitgeist bar, a biker friendly waterhole recommended to me by Paul from Ton Up NorCal, We also checked out the Ace Cafe San Francisco, but unfortunately it was to early in the day and it was closed.

If you’re lucky you will meet this bell hop girl pushing smokes and candy from bar to bar.

That’s it folks. I could easely have spent twice as much time there. Guess I’ll just have to come back.

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9 Responses to “From the streets of San Francisco”

  1. Erica  August 20th

    Very cool!

  2. ridley  August 20th

    Pretty nice! What exactly are those elephants doing?

  3. Jesper  August 21st

    What elephants 😉

  4. rick  August 21st

    Looks like a good trip. Hopefully you left the city in one piece!

  5. whiteline  August 29th

    SF is a great place – looks like you had a good time

  6. Motorcycle Fairings  September 3rd

    No doubt worthy of visiting for next vacations!

  7. Hieyeglasses  September 9th

    Wow, this place loves bikes!

  8. Mac  September 26th

    Hello I know not where to start, But I am taking a ride next summer Augest from Seattle Wa to Alaska, I am looking for some input on some different bikes to ride betrwwn klr , goldwings, sport bikes and or Bmws

  9. Jesper  September 26th

    Hey Mac, that’s a tough one. I’m not sure if you mean what single bike to choose for your trip or which ones to try on your trip.

    If it’s the later, go for everything you can get your hands on.

    Advice on which bike to choose will be a matter of taste really. People ride to the end of the world on anything from goldwings to 250cc MZ’s.

    My best advice is to choose the one you like best. There’s no wrong choice.

    That brought you much closer didn’t it 😉

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