Ever experienced a car drive out right in front of you, even though you where absolutely certain the driver saw you. Unfortunately it’s not an uncommon experience for us motorcycle riders.

An english information campaign sets out to inform both motorcyclist and car drivers on why this happens. Hopefully it will lead to both sides having more attention on the issue and drive accordingly. But still the safest way to ride a motorcycle in my opinion is to drive as everyone is out to kill you unintentionally or not.

Check out the english campaign video below.

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7 Responses to “Genetics to blame for cars killing motorcyclists”

  1. Bill  March 26th

    This is pretty wild stuff. Scary really. This morning on the way back from a meeting I say a lady turn out right in front of a guy on a Road King. There was nobody else around on the street! He must have been a good rider as he was able to stay up but it was pretty freaking scary for a second. Good video. Thanks.

  2. AtlasRider  March 26th

    I absolutely love the THINK! campaign in England. Another great message.

  3. Atlanta Video Production  April 4th

    You always have to look twice,if you arnt looking you wont see them.

  4. Kyuudousha  April 25th

    I was travelling through Bradford up to a particularly treacherous staggered junction with a zebra crossing, just to add to the confusion, so I was paying particular attention to a car that had pulled up to the white lines on my right, ready to turn right. He then pulled out straight into the BACK WING of a Renault Clio which sent it all over the place. The Clio had already passed the front of this guys car so how on earth he didn’t see the woman in the Clio I have no idea. Plonker!

  5. Ted XS650chopper.com  April 29th

    Loud pipes save lives!!! Run straight pipes. Interesting video. People and cars are generally so tuned out of what’s going on around. It’s scary. Drivers changing the iPod while on the phone on. It really irritates me when cars tailgate me.

  6. Max Manroe  June 10th

    Motorcycle accident often occure at Indonesia highway. In my experienced, the motorcyclist is the most person who should blame on accident. In my country, the riders is like a bad guy 🙂 … they don’t obey the riding rules, they don’t care about another driver.

  7. Beluga  July 5th

    mines a goldwing, kinda quiet but I frequently honk at idiots and am always anticipating trouble. Too bad. I like riding a Winc but really want to be noticed by others in cars and trucks cages).

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