The following is a paid review: A new service called ReviewMe just launched, they’re backed by the well known Text-Link-Ads so it should be pretty solid. The idea is that manufacturers can pay bloggers to review their products and pay them according to a rank that ReviewMe set for your blog.

At first this might sound a bit dodgy, but you don’t have to write a positive review to get paid. Bloggers kan still remain objective and choose what reviews they want to write. But you have to write something like; “Sponsored Post:”, “The following is a paid review:” “Advertisement:” etc. in your review to have it accepted. Keeping your readers aware that you’ve been paid to write that post, will maintain both your and the manufacturers integrity.

Question is will ReviewMe be relevant for the motorcycle blogging community. It’s not like we’re going to start reviewing frying pans and web 2.0 savvy web applications, I know I’m not. It has to be a motorcycle relevant product, like e.g. chain lubricants; I would probably be able to review a dozen different types of those from what I’ve tested through the years. I doubt there will be a lot of motorcycle related products available for review, but I’ll gladly review a Yamaha R6 if they send me one (I’ll even do that one for free).

I guess time will tell how relevant this will be for motorcycle bloggers. But right now ReviewMe are spending 25.000$ to get reviewed them selves, so I thought “why not, let’s give it a go”.

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5 Responses to “Motorcycle bloggers get paid to review motorcycle gear”

  1. Mike Werner  November 10th

    Hmmmm… interesting concept, but why have a 3rd party involved. It’s not like in the advertisement market where there is a lot of demand. You’ve got one chain lube company, and they’re not going to pay 100 blog sites to write a review. It’s going to be hell of a lot cheaper to put google wordads !!

  2. Jesper  November 10th

    Think the 3rd party idea is to have an inventory for the advertisers to choose from.

    An adwords ad, or any other ad for that matter, will never have the same impact as a positive review.

    The most powerful factor in peoples decision to buy stuff is recommendations.

    The chain lube that has most positive reviews will get the business. If someone you trust recommends a Shoei helmet you like, wouldn’t you choose that no matter how much advertising Arai bombard you with?

    So of course they’ll pay a 100 blogs to review a product.

    Questions is, if the paid reviews will have the same effect as none paid.

  3. James -  November 10th

    I will give it a shot.


    […] Helmet Hair – Motorcycle Blog Motorcycle bloggers get paid to I doubt there will be a lot of motorcycle related products available for review, but I ll gladly review a Yamaha R6 if they send me one (I ll even do that one for free) […]

  5. sergio  January 9th

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