I heard about this movie a while back when it was only rumours, and totally forgot about it. Then I came across the trailer (watch it below) and discovered that my favourite childhood comic book superhero, Ghost Rider a.k.a. Johnny Blaze, is being played by my favourite actor, Nicolas Cage. Yes, that’s a cleared spot on my DVD shelf right there.

Release date is set to: February 16, 2007

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7 Responses to “Can’t wait for Ghost Rider the movie”

  1. KT Did  June 5th

    This looks like a lot of fun!!! Knowing as a rider I can’t do any of these challenging skills, it will be fun to sit back with a good old (diet) coke and popcorn and watch someone else do it in my fantasy!

  2. KT Did  June 5th

    Also in the Quick Trottle Magazine, there is another article of a series on TV called Ghost Rider. It is suppose to be coming out later this year or next. Maybe same time as the movie. Its featuring the V-Rod (I think the V-Rod. That’ll be nice. Still would like to see more women role models riding on TV shows!!

  3. Jesper  June 5th

    Yeah! I know how you feel. I can’t turn my head into a flaming skull and drive vertically up a building either.

    Sounds good with the TV show. So the main character is a women? You don’t see that very often in a motorcycle show i guess.

  4. SteveR  June 6th

    Let’s go with the biker beatch theme…
    Selma Hayak and friends on a “Big Dog,” OK, maybe a V-Rod looking for the gang that dragged her brother through the desert and left him for dead. We don’t know for sure that her brother died.

    Selma’s gang dances at topless bars so they can earn money and infiltrate low life scum biker gangs that frequent such places in hopes of running into the gang that messed with her brother.

    The only lead Selma has is the name of the scum bag that started a fight with Selma’s brother Sam at a bar just outside Barstow, Jack Ford.

  5. Jesper  June 7th

    Is that a plot pitch for Joss Weadon there, Steve? or is it the actual plot in the tv series KT mentioned?

  6. SteveR  June 8th

    None of the above, but I’m sure having a lot of fun thinking about it…

    Need to work in Rebecca Romaine (used to be Stamos)as one of the Characters.

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    […] One of the most highly anticipated motorcycle movies of 2007, Ghost Rider starring Nicholas Cage, will – surprise surprise – be launched as a video game as well. The promo website has just launched sporting some pretty neat screenshots from the game. What is a surprise though, is that the game will be launched for Playstation 2, PSP and GameBoy Advance. But isn’t PS3 just around the corner? Why don’t we get to play our favorite motorcycle riding comic book hero in cutting edge graphics, while we endure the cold winter days longing for spring and some real motorcycle riding? […]

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