There’s always some oddball engineers at motorcycle fairs showing of their latest “this will revolutionize your riding experience” inventions. At the fair I attended last week it was motorcycle helmets with rear view mirrors. How’s that possible you ask your self, well as the company put it “the system effectively “bends” the light around the shape of the top of the head – all within the moulding of the helmet – to provide a clear view of the road behind.” I tried one on and let’s just say that I won’t be discarding my present lid for this “revolution in motorcycle safety” right away.

It doesn’t stop here. There are more engineers out there pushing the boarders on what wonders of tomorrow can be stuffed into a motorcycle helmet. There are several internal devices available for communicating with your backseat passenger or your stockbroker on the mobile, so that’s sort of old news. But now you can be a real street “fighter pilot” and have vital information projected on to your visor with the Veypor, Sportvue HUD.

Will these technological breakthroughs increase or decrease the safety of the motorcycle rider I wonder. Imagine riding in heavy traffic with a sharp turn coming up ahead, your better half going on about new wallpaper on the intercom, your stockbroker (or mom) calls you on the mobile, you catch a glimpse in the rear view mirror of a huge truck coming at you, while the inside of your helmet turns into an LSD trip of coloured lights because your turn signal is on and you just switched to reserve…

So that’s why all the “bad ass bikers” don’t wear helmets, they are really ahead of their time. Wearing helmets in the future will be dangerous as hell…or?

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One Response to “Gizmo lids are the latest big thing.”

  1. hoyt  November 22nd

    I agree for the most part that too much technology at hand (or at ‘head’) can defeat the purpose –

    However, I do like the idea of a voice activated cell phone within the helmet (which can be accomplished with normal cell phones accessories). This should be for outgoing calls only….

    I like to ride by myself some of the time. I always thought that I would be able to reach my cell inside my leather & call if I should fall off, but that is not the case. Dialing for help in those situations by just speaking could prevent additional injury by not having to remove your helmet, turn your head/neck, etc. Otherwise, I think this technology is self-defeating like many of the in-car technologies that distract the driver.

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