Up and coming motorcycle stunt girl and model (not your average combination is it?) Natalie Shepherd gives us a peek into her training sessions. Looks like she’s doing good, but damn does she take some nasty falls. Doesn’t set her off though, she even jokes about knocking out a tooth at some point. There’s most likely several other women doing motorcycle stunts, but I imagine they’re far between. She’s the only woman on her team, seems very dedicated, and not exactly one of gods most hideous creatures. I see no reason why she shouldn’t reach her goal of becoming a Hollywood motorcycle stunt goddess (in her own words).

One thing I don’t get though, is; why the heck are those parking lot stunt drivers never wearing protective gear. Jeans and t-shirt seems to be the standard outfit, and if they’re doing something really sick they’ll wear a helmet.

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11 Responses to “Glamour girl doing motorcycle stunts”

  1. Paul  November 17th

    Hehe… that’s extremely funny, in a sick way…



  2. Jesper  November 17th

    Yea, it is isn’t it. You catch yourself going “ouch!” again and again.

  3. Old Guy  November 18th

    Two words…beautiful – idiot

  4. Nats  July 30th

    One determined woman with lots of courage. Just don’t knock out any more of the gorgeous teeth 😉


  5. Motorcycle  October 6th

    Awesome chic, I will add this to my motorcycle video collection.

  6. Hot chick  December 19th

    I think that we should start to getmore girls in the motor-bike ride to prove its not just a boy thing

  7. Clifton  June 4th

    nevermind its working now! I have this vid on my website too. Awesome.

  8. Bry  November 20th

    Definitely need to see more girls on sportbikes showing that it doesn’t matter what size you are once you’re on two wheels! Go girls!…

  9. Bry  November 20th

    Hey old guy – are you kidding? Stunting takes brains and courage and I bet you couldn’t pull off any tricks on a bike. Especially if you were only 100 lbs so have respect for the ladies in this sport,.

  10. sarah  August 1st


  11. Bo  March 22nd

    Wow….she has nice tits! Sure does have some talent! I think I’ve seen her in amateur porn….

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