Motorcycle glass wheels
Yep, you got it right. Wheels for motorcycles made out of glass. 5000$ a piece, just what you need to show of your excessive decadence on your 100.000$ “chopper”. A pretty lame idea if you ask me. Yea sure if it was some backyard builder who made them as an experiment, it would be wacky and fun. But as super expensive add ons to already bloated mantelpiece motorcycles, it’s just tacky and boring. The Italian jewel company, Forgiato, that makes these will be laughing all the way to the bank, that’s for sure.

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13 Responses to “Glass wheels for motorcycles”

  1. Llantas de cristal para tu moto  February 5th

    […] Vía | Helmet Hair Blog Sitio | Forgiato Design […]

  2. Ampulex  February 5th

    Are you an idiot? Those wheels are made from polycarbonate, not glass. This is what comes from bloggers stealing stuff from other blogs and not doing any research on their own.

  3. Jesper  February 5th

    Thank you for the kind compliments, Ampulex. I’ve always admired you that have the courage to call people names and throw around accusations, while hiding behind an alias.

    Glass, plexi-glass, polycarbonate or what not, a technical detail. I’m sorry I called it glass, I should of course have written “shit you can see through”.

  4. Jason  February 6th

    Actually, it does matter. There is a world of difference between glass and plexi-glass. That being said, I would never ‘roll on’ either.

  5. Jesper  February 6th

    Yes, there is a world of difference, you’re right, Jason. In terms of construction and safety it means a lot of course. But from a visual point of view it’s not that important. They still look odd no matter how strong they are.

  6. Ampulex  February 7th

    You’ve always admired me for my accusations? Man, you really are illiterate, which is what I may have said previously. Whatever. You can defend your nonsense all you want but it don’t make it right.

  7. Jesper  February 7th

    You really are an angry little person, aren’t you, Ampulex? But it’s good that you keep us idiotic, illiterate and stealing people under a close watch. Who knows what the world wouldn’t come to without people like you.

  8. Pan Chopper Man  March 21st

    Hey, where’d you guys go? This was just getting funny!

  9. Jesper  October 2nd

    Yea, guess I really pissed that guy off calling those stupid wheels by the wrong name.

  10. Motorcycle  October 2nd

    Must admit, the glass wheels look insane. I wonder how safe it is when you hit a bump, I am sure a Plexiglas would be fine.

  11. Chris  October 23rd

    There is a guy that makes some that looks better than these for sportbikes for $5000.00 a pair. He’s ridden them on his Hayabusa for 2 years with no problems. Believe it or not. They dont even get dirty form riding…I rode with him for a whole day and checked them for myself to see if they collected dust and from looking at them with my face right at the chain guard…You didint see any dust…but when i wiped my finger on them..They had lil dust build up..but it wiped right off… check him out.. he makes the for Harleys as well and it looks a whole lot better than these wheels up here. His has style..

  12. eugene trevor blanc  February 3rd

    I think they look nice and the reduced wieght is a massive saving i expect. I wish they made these for cars though as I think they would look really cool on my Volvo estate (turbo diesel).
    I have never ridden a bike, but i expect they are easier to clean than the spokes. I say well done to the makers!

  13. dave  November 18th

    Ampulex….where are you from bro…its easy to be a big mouthed street fighting god from behind the confines of a keyboard, chill out bro and speak to people with a little respect, i,m sure with your attitude you,ve had your ass kicked many times

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