2007 Go Daddy Super Bowl ad stars
Bob Parsons, CEO of Go Daddy, has a reputation of getting his Super Bowl commercials rejected. Usually on the account that the CBS network sensors find the Go Daddy girl, Candice Michelle, too hot. I understand why the sensors are a bit sensitive, what impression wouldn’t it give. You take a break from watching huge grown up men in tights hug each other, and then you’re confronted with a beautiful surgically enhanced girl in a tight t-shirt wiggling; oh! no we can’t have that.

Now Bob will try a new approach to hopefully avoid rejection by the strict (and a bit mental) CBS network sensors. According to his recent blog post, Go Daddy have teamed up with the loonies from Orange County Choppers, and Valerie Thompson from the Harley Drag Racing Association to make a third attempt this year to shoot a commercial that wont get rejected. We’re exited to see what mischief they can put Valerie up to, she currently holds the Bonneville Salt Flats World Land Speed Record (145.647 MPH!), but Bob better tell Paul Sr. to put a shirt on if he wants the ad approved.

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8 Responses to “Go Daddy goes motorcycle mad in new Super Bowl commercial”

  1. Alex  January 21st

    Umm, I think you meant to type 245.647 MPH, 145 MPH hasn’t been a world record for motorcycle in about a hundred years :>

  2. Jesper  January 22nd

    Record was set in the special Construction, Pushrod, fuel or gas, 2000 cc category, and it was 141.465 MPH.

    But thank you for being alert and pointing this out for us, Alex.

  3. Bob C  February 7th

    The fastest motorcycle on earth is the #7 BUB Streamliner plioted by 7 time flat track champion Chris Carr on Sep 5th 2006 at Bonneville salt flats at 350.884 MPH.
    Valerie’s record was set on a 120 inch pan head Harley Davidson custom called the Salt Shaker.
    Both records are very impressive for thier respective catagories.

  4. Klaus  September 19th

    I too am confused, why World Land Speed record is at 161 MPH? We in Germany/Austria do that and a lot more speed every day on our motorcycles on the highways – no speed limits on highways (autobahn) :).

    So why 162 is a world record? Please explain.

    Also, why use special construction and expensive motorcycle for only that slow speed? Many much cheaper street bikes do much faster. Like Suzuki GSXR1000 Turbo does 230 MPH (GPS confirmed).


    Thank you.
    Wow impressive speed 350 MPH! I need to work more to that one :(.

  5. Jesper  September 19th

    Klaus, it was a record for that category of vehicle. And as to why, because they thought it was fun I guess. I wouldn’t mind setting a record in some odd category on a bike I build my self.

  6. Klaus  September 19th

    Hi Jesper, thank you for the answer. Yes I understand now, sometimes I just have to read something in English two three times to completely understand it… sorry.

    Yeah, that bike looks very nice. 2000cc with nitros? Wonder what it can do for top speed? How stable the salt land is? Is it better than asphalt? (At least no traffic like we have to watch for.) 🙂

    The turbo Suzuki Hayabusa and the Yamaha R1 are also very good bikes. Clocked Hayabusa over 410km/h (more than 255MPH). They are fairly inexpensive and they also go pretty fast.

    Again, thank you Jesper.

  7. Jesper  September 19th

    No problem, Klaus, you’re welcome.

  8. Kai Collins  May 5th

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