Honda_919_motorcycle_tourinIn just a few moments we set out on this year’s motorcycle tour, heading for Scotland. First off is Netherlands where we’ll be catching the boat to Newcastle upon Tyne on Monday. We’re going to spend ten days just cruising around Scotland on motorcycle, staying at campsites here and there. I’ve got my newly acquired helmet camera with me, so I expect to shoot some twisty rides through the marvellous Scottish nature. It’s supposed to rain a lot in Scotland, but who cares. I’m just looking forward to two weeks on the road, seeing new places, riding just for the sake of riding, spending time with my girl friend, maybe meet a few fellow bikers, and you can’t really visit Scotland without also visiting at least one distillery can you? That’s it; we’re off – see yer later!

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2 Responses to “Gone to Scotland – be right back.”

  1. Markus  July 10th

    Sounds like fun!
    Have a blast…and take pics/vids !

  2. Jesper  July 24th

    Thanks Markus.
    We just got back this saturday, and it’s been a fantastic trip.

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