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Garmin has just developed a GPS navigation system for motorcycles called Zumo. As I’ve just returned from a two week motorcycle tour in Scotland, this caught my attention right away. Not that we where overly in need of GPS navigation on our trip, but there where a few times when it might had made things easier, or would it? My concern is, if a GPS takes some of the joy and freedom out of riding a motorcycle. How will you ever get side tracked and see amazing things you didn’t plan to see. Or when you stand at the side of some road and you are all looking at the map trying to figure out where the hell you are. Doesn’t that make it better when you finally get there; it was a struggle, but you did it together?

I’m not sure about a GPS, but I tend to be very careful of what technology gadgets I bring with me on the motorcycle. Hell will freeze over before I get a mobile phone helmet headset, and I’m not that big a fan of intercom either. I like the “did you see that… at the… we passed” – conversations you have at the end of the day. A GPS might be nice though, to get you back on track when you are lost and have to be at a certain place at a certain time, like e.g. catching a ferry or what not.

The Zumo’s ability to record your routes and connect it to Google Earth via your PC and share them with others sounds pretty cool. The gizmo should be on the street October 2006, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Seen on Gizmag.

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8 Responses to “GPS gadget made especially for motorcycles.”

  1. Jimmi  July 25th

    My biggest concern is that I don’t need even more controls to concentrate on while driving. In order for me to buy a GPS device, it would need an earpiece for the “turn now stupid” instructions.

  2. magus  July 30th

    People have been using GPS devices on bikes for quite a while now whether they were specifically designed for a motorcycle or not. TomTom has had their Rider GPS available for about a year now. It’s a personal thing, but I love using my GPS to discover routes and save great locations for visiting a second time later.

  3. Jesper  July 30th

    I know people have been using GPS on bikes for a while. The manufacturers are starting to target us directly, and the Zumo is the first I’ve heard of that seems to be a ground up new product. That’s how they market it anyways.

    I hear you with the recording of routes, Magus. That’s one of the things that have my interest in this GPS trend.

  4. Magus  July 31st

    I think the TomTom Rider was the first model aimed directly at motorcyclists and it does a good job but the zumo, potentially, offers a number of advantages over the Rider in the software/planning area when it is delivered.

  5. Jesper  July 31st

    Yes, the sharing of routes and Google earth integration seems nice.

    Looking forward to hear the reviews when people start using it.

  6. David  August 1st

    Yes I never understood why the earlier CAR biased GPS units never had the ability to log your route so you could see where you had been , I guess Car drivers are not so interested in that. I also use GPS mostly to save interesitng locations, like Trials grounds, Racetracks etc,

    IN Brazil the offroaders save all thier routes to Garmin units and they have build up a far more complete map of Brazil than Navtec or the official suppliers have been able to commerciall offer. However it means going in to the GPS community and modifying software etc all a bit too much fuss for me.

  7. Dynamike  August 17th

    Logging your route looks like a cool feature. Maybe I can get one and keep it locked up in my saddlebag until I get to where I’m going. It might be fun to see how lost or sidetracked I do get when I’m on my way to a new destination.

  8. Jesper  August 18th

    I was think the same thing. Just have it stuffed somewhere and log the route. Maybe pull it out when you are totally lost.

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