It’s really amazing to see how different people are, and yet have the same passion in common. Here’s a few examples from people reading Helmet Hair Motorcycle Blog, who sent me emails about their bikes and rides they’ve been on.

This is Mike from Texas on his “Ruby”, a 2003 Honda VTX 1800R.

Here’s Reverend J.W.White Jr. posing in his sanctum, and kicking it back on his VTX 1800 with his buddy Phillip.

This is J.W.White Jr.’s buddy Phillip on his VTX 1300

Here’s our well know hair-between-the-teeth-true-biker Kevin a.k.a. Pan Chopper Man. Geared up to fight for freedom beside his Harley Davidson Panhead.

Last but by no means least is David Thomson, who more than once contributed with great road tales here on Helmet Hair. Photo is from his trip to Mallorca with a XT660R, David normally rides a Honda VFR
David and the XT660R

Getting emails from you guys is bloody brilliant. Please keep them coming. I think this diversity underlines pretty good what is important for most of us bikers, motorcycle enthusiasts, call it what ever. Which is riding motorcycles and meeting fellow riders. I know of nothing like motorcycles that can really bridge the various cultural gaps between people.

Don’t let anyone tell you what to ride. Ride when and what you like. No matter where you’re from there’s plenty of us, just as nuts as you.

Thank you to all who have sent me emails about you and your rides. Keep it up people. Send photos of you and your rides to

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14 Responses to “Great example of motorcycle riders diversity”

  1. Glenn M Bamburg  January 29th

    New Here,Agree we are many and many Breeds of Rides all equal on the pavement of life i ride a VTX 1800F 06
    and love it to no end rode all types big and small since 73, Vincent to Norton Bsa to Goldwind Harley to Vtx Love em all so i say Ride and Be Free/

  2. rick  January 29th

    Glad to see we can all get along! I agree with Glenn, I like all of them!

  3. BMWmoto  January 29th

    I always think it’s kind of sad when I get looks from guys on Harleys or sport bikes. I wave at people on scooters all the time…they’re on two wheels and I believe they get it too.

    It’s not the brand of the bike that makes a difference we all ride because we enjoy riding.

    Thanks for posting this.

  4. Road Captain  January 30th

    Motorcyclists are a special breed. We have our own culture and sub cultures. We have wild stunters, high flying motocrossers, conservative touring enthusiasts, die hard racers, dedicated law enforcement officers, outlaw bikers, cute scooter riders and more. They are all great! My current favorite are the motorcycle bloggers like Jesper who are spreading the motorcycle gospel across the Internet!

  5. dotty  January 31st

    Diversity?…they are all men! Where’s the women bikers?

  6. Jesper  February 1st

    You’re right Dotty. I wondered about that as well when I wrote it. But no women sent me photos of them selves and their bikes.

    I could’ve just posted a photo of my mom, she rides a Yamaha Virago, but that would have been cheating. 🙂

  7. dotty  February 1st

    yeaaaa we wanna see your mum

  8. Jesper  February 2nd

    Sorry, Dotty, not going to happen. She’s shy and doesn’t want to get published on the Internet.

  9. Pan Chopper Man  February 3rd

    That’s funny… I was just reading down through this post enjoying your stuff as usual Jesper, then there I was! At first I thought… “that’s a really good looking man”. Then it occured to me, it was me.


    Keep up the interesting work Jesper (and I know it’s work now that I have my own site).

    Pan Chopper Man

  10. Jim  February 4th

    Hi, Jesper. It’s wonderful to see myself pictured on this site riding on “Ruby”, my 2003 Honda VTX 1800R, at 60 m/h in Texas in January. The “Mike” referred to could only be my brother Mike, who took the picture while riding beside me on his Yamaha Silverado 1100. I don’t know how he did it, holding his throttle with his right hand and taking the picture with his left. But the photo is a treasure and a great memento of our trip from Canada down to Texas for a week of riding. It’s great to be able to share such a thrill with people on the Helmet Hair site. Thank you for making it possible. I will send next a photo of my brother-in-law Reg on his Harley-Davidson Electra Glide 2003 Anniversary edition, on the same trip. We don’t think of ourselves as “Wild Hogs” or even the “Three Amigos”, but we now know that our biking fellowship is important to us. It’s brought us closer together as a trio of relatives. We’ve discovered something that really enriches our already strong family ties. Thanks again.

  11. keiran  February 25th

    Hi all
    i live in the uk,and its so good to hear people talking about all types of bikes ,in a positive manner.
    I ride a little old virago 535dx,to my mind one of the best small cruisers ever built,i think it looks beautifull,but then again ,thats my opinion,but hell i have taken some stick for loving this little bike! us virago owners seem to take the same amount of stick as goldwing owners?
    So i say again great to come across such a refreshing site-keep it up

  12. glamourbaby69  March 17th

    hey jesper us females are here as well..

  13. Scott H Florance  April 30th

    Harley Davidsons are cool!

  14. Big Dog Motorcycles  October 4th

    I love what you wrote about the diversity in riders. Our store has every type of person imaginable come through our doors, from housewives to businessmen to the classic harley rider.

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