When I first saw these, I had to watch them all at least twice. These are classics that I didn’t even know where made as music videos. Must have been back when MTV was still for the rebellious youth, and not spoiled teenage super consumers as it is today (shit! I’m turning into a grumpy old geezer). Well, you Paris Hilton loving stupid Von Dutch cap wearing brats, shut up, sit down, and prepare for some real culture.

First off – from when real men where… eh! gay dudes in leather – Judas Priest, Turbo Lover.

Now, some more grown up men with long hair and leather chaps (at least this one has some chicks in hot pants) – Manowar – Return Of The Warlord.

Christ! was everybody wearing leather back then? I must have repressed that. Ok, now to the grand finale, a real classic, as good as it gets. Brigitte Bardot – Harley Davidson.

Sorry if you where trying to forget that era, I know some things are better left forgotten. But anyways, if you wonder why people always connect motorcycle riders with leather vests and long hair, now you know why.

That’s it I’m off to see if my therapist can stuff those images back in my subconsciousness.

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One Response to “Greatest music videos of all time with motorcycles in them”

  1. Jeramy  August 1st

    Man how could you forget Girls Girls Girls by Motley Crue

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