David sent me this great story of his favorite road for riding his bike (a Honda VFR 750). Here’s what he said.

It has been a while now since the last great ride, but now I have a tip for you, it was only at the end of this year I finally discovered the greatest biking road in the Hamburg area. I had been sweeping the area around the Elbe river for many weekends as I kept seeing large groups of bikers underway in that area when I finally found what all the fuss was about.


The B195 from Boizenburg to Wittenberge can be reached by taking Junction 9 on the A24, (Hamburg to Berlin). This road quickly enters into the former East Germany and is thus far more quiet than most in the west in terms of Car traffic. The road itself is fairly well surfaced for this poorer part of Germany, but is great for its sweeping bends through woodland and farmland. There are a few bends where you have good forward vision over a series of bends so you can really gas it.


There are few side entries onto the road so the only dangers I could see would be from the wild life. However the road probably gives many a over secure feeling as it does not even look very ‘hard’ on the land at the sides of the roads, i.e. no lamp posts, or hard objects, (Bar trees) there is generally open woods or flat fields.

Interestingly enough the locals had put out a very east German style of warnings for bikers, in the form of neon pink spray painted wheelchairs.


My bike (still VFR750F) is mostly in the garage now, but I’m looking forward to getting either a BMWR1100S, Tiger1050 or the F800GS depending on money and jobs and test rides.

All the best


Here a couple of maps David sent as well (click to enlarge).

Thank you for sharing your favorite road with the rest of us David. That wheelchair business is pretty spooky, it might make me think twice. Please let us know how you think of the new bikes when you’ve tried them.

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One Response to “Guest writer David Thomson shares some road tips”

  1. Pan Chopper Man  December 14th

    Beautiful roads and scenery in your country. I can’t wait to ride there.

    However… instead of a pink wheelchair advising me to slow down, I’d much rather see the “bikini speed bandits” beside the roads holding up the speed limit signs and wearing nothing but bikini bottoms.
    I’m talking about the ones in your November 10th 2006 post called: “Boobs against speed violations”.

    Now THAT’S scenery worth slowing down to look at!

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