Let’s just assume it’s ironic. Then it’s actually pretty funny.

Via: Bikes in the fast lane

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12 Responses to “Harley Davidson Christmas TV ad”

  1. WILLY G DAVIDSON  December 11th

    yes its me . Ya all know me from the RUBS and HOG members . They worship me , I love it . Your pathetic . I wanted to have a commercial so Honda could compete with it using MOPEDS . I figure they will have a Moped pulling a cart in china town or something , throwing a scrap of DOG MEAT TO A HUMAN under the table at the local sweat shop where pan man gets his parts. OH YEAH BY THE WAY JESPER, Fathead is like royalty to the dealerships in the USA so let him do what he wants .LOL . HAVE A GOOD HOLIDAY SEASON .

  2. Arthur  December 11th

    Hey Jesper, the MotoCycle Corp guys are running a contest for Tony Stewart Moto 50.

    Grand prize winner will be selected on Daytona 2008. Looks cool! The ad is on their homepage: http://www.motocyclecorp.com

  3. Pan Chopper Man  December 15th

    I like the ad. I think it’s to the point and kinda funny in an “evil-santa” kind of way.

    That doberman should have taken santa’s leg off though. Bad dog… KILL santa!

    and… What kind of biker wanted mufflers fer Christmas, should be drag pipes santa’s pulling out of his bag.
    …Hell, how about a nice S&S Panhead engine in a rigid Paughco frame. Oh, baby! That would put the Christmas spirit back into MY heart.

    Hey Jesper, …Merry Christmas to you and all loved ones.

  4. Jesper  December 15th

    Thanks, Pan man, best wishes to you and yours as well. Hope you get your pandemonium engine for Christmas.

  5. Buell XB  December 16th

    I like the commercial. That’s one bad Santa. Since when does Santa barge in through the front door? Maybe those exhaust pipes just won’t fit down the chimney.

  6. m. Beckelman  December 17th

    i would like to have a cd of this commercial. Where can I buy one?

  7. m. Beckelman  December 17th

    Great, Where can I buy a copy of this?

  8. Richard998  December 17th

    Note the first name on the “naughty” list is VINCENT… nice connection to the iconic vintage british motorcycle from the 40’s and 50’s that beat Harley in practically every race on street and strip! Long live the Vincent!

  9. Jesper  December 17th

    Ha ha, nice spotted, Richard.

  10. durrob  December 22nd

    That is one bad ass commercial, never seen it before.

  11. Georgia Hyway  December 25th

    Great commercial! Let’s see more in the near future! I’m just glad I’m part of the Harley family. Ride safe, Ride hard…..or stay home!

  12. Discount tires  January 13th

    That Santa scares me 🙂

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