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January 2nd, 2007 Jesper Bram 2 Comments » | View blog reactions

Mens Vogue Motoring Blog
Just learned that Helmet Hair Motorcycle Blog made it to the shortlist on Mens Vogue – Sites we like. I knew the blog had gained some popularity lately, but never imagined it would be mentioned in Vogue. I’m impressed that mine is the only motorcycle blog in company with some of the best motoring sites like The jalopnik and The Jalopy Journal. I’ll take it as an encouragement to continue the idea of spending a little more time finding good stories, instead of absolutely posting each and every day. After all, you can just subscribe by RSS or Email to get a heads up when something new is posted.

Enough of tooting my own horn, and on to some stardust sharing. When you mention The Jalopy Journal, you have to mention The Jockey Journal as well. It’s more or less the same idea but just for motorcycles, an excellent site.

Thanks to the people at Mens Vogue Motoring Blog for putting Helmet Hair on your list.

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2 Responses to “Helmet Hair in Mens Vogue”

  1. Morten  January 3rd

    Congratulations on the publicity. But they are absolutely right! Very nice blog, the only thing it lacks is a review of the Yamaha TRX (which I own) 😉

  2. Jesper  January 3rd

    Hey Morten, thanks. You’re more than welcome to write a review of how it’s like to own a classic motorcycle such as the T-rex and send it to me.

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