We’ve all been drooling over the Honda CB1100R concept motorcycle hoping of news that it would go into production. But according to the designer, Koji Miwa, it will be a very expensive motorcycle because of the quality of the parts. As Mr. Miwa says “I want this bike to be on sale as a regular model. I don’t want this bike to be a kind of limited, specially-made machine.” (more on MCN) Which in other words mean we won’t be seeing the Honda CB1100R in stores any time soon.

That’s too bad, because the Honda CB1100R is one the best looking concepts we’ve seen in years. But no reason not to be optimistic about it. We could hope; now that the 1100cc concept will be too expensive for people to buy, they’ll come up with a less expensive 750cc version of the concept. A 750cc engine would be brilliant for the futuristic meets retro concept.


Imagine riding a bike that is light and handles like a modern sports bike, but looks like something Steve McQueen would have ridden. Forget about all the exotic parts, just make it simple with the best essential parts but not cutting edge that only a fraction will notice anyways. A bike you can ride the shit out of with out worrying that it will cost you a rocket should you spill it on a track day.

Well, dream on boys and girls, and while you’re at it here’s a few videos of the Honda CB1100R concept motorcycle to fire up your imagination.

Here’s the roots.

And the new concept bike close up.

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16 Responses to “Honda CB1100R concept motorcycle too expensive to put in production”

  1. Modfish  January 15th

    Does anybody else look at that bike and think “Ducati wannabe?”

  2. Jesper  January 15th

    Do you mean by the fact that Ducati also have retro racers in their line up, or do they have an inline four tugged away somewhere that I don’t know of?

    If you have to compare, I’d say it’s not far from the Yamaha TRX

  3. Rich  January 17th


    Ducati is not the only manufacturer that has stylish offerings. I believe it was Honda that first mass produced bikes with that famous single-sided swingarm.

  4. James Hunaban  January 21st

    I am certainly not a honda fan, but if that appeared I would be tempted. I wonder if Honda still use their customers for research & development.

  5. BMWmoto  January 25th

    I think the Ducati comment came from the exposed red frame with gold wheels.

    It also does have some pretty Italian looking lines to it. If I saw one scream past me on the highway I’d think it was a duc until I heard the 4 cylinder whine.

  6. jason  February 14th

    What the hell is wrong with you people that has to be the ugly cousin of the Honda. It looks like crap.

  7. Jesper  February 14th

    I think it looks bloody amazing. I’m not a big fan of all the sharp corners and edges bikes are designed with theses days. The are overdoing it a bit.

    New motorcycles look like they where broken off from superman’s crystal cave or something.

    This concept Honda is a good mix of old and new. Not too aggressive, but not to boring either.

  8. kris  February 16th

    ive fallen in love with it, its cool as fook . if you haters wanna compare it to other manufacturers go a head , ( its also got two wheels ,just like a vespa ). morons….
    i want it NOW!

  9. Ian  February 19th

    It reminds me of the old 80’s muscle bikes ahh nostalgia… If it ever makes it to the showroom you’ll find me in the disorderly queue with my cash in my hand…

  10. Ken  May 29th

    Most people won’t get what this bike is about. I do. I’ve fallen in love with it and want Honda to produce it NOW! It will sit with pride alongside my CBR50R!

  11. GSXR600  June 17th

    Im from the new and young generation (Im 21) and I would stick my D*** in that bike it looks soo sick…I would buy one in a heart beat if they produce it…

  12. E  September 3rd

    MAKE IT!!!

  13. Tim  December 30th

    I absolutely love this bike. I would put my money on one in a heart-beat.I would not care if it was a 500 as long as the styling was exactly the same.Come on Honda what the heck are you waiting for!

  14. Keith  March 15th

    This is a definite ‘want to be had’ bike, plain simple but fast, that you would not be hesitant about taking to the track for an occasional adrenaline pump or just race it naked.

  15. Dawson  March 15th

    I am sure most of the parts can be borrowed from other Honda models without having to design specials. Which should in fact make it cheaper to manufacture this naked bike.
    Come on Honda be INNOVATIVE

  16. Honda ATVs  January 10th

    Basically i am certainly not a honda lover, but when it comes to my eye i am not able to hold me. honda service is just amazing…for their customers..
    thanks for posting…

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