How many wet bikers can you fit in a Volkswagen?

August 10th, 2005 Jesper Bram Comments Off on How many wet bikers can you fit in a Volkswagen? | View blog reactions

On a track day last week at Ring Knutstorp in Sweden, right after we finished riding, the sky opened up and went into catastrophe-movie-mode. The special effects people must have done a bang up job. Everything was there; sky going dark in less than a minute, raindrops the size of pigeons, strokes of lightning close to innocent bystanders, fences blowing over, and huge pools of water creeping in everywhere.

Lake_knutstorpThe picture is from when the rain stopped and it was safe to go outside again. Didn’t manage to get any pictures during the storm, cause I was busy standing crammed in a toilet with a bunch of men wearing wet leather suits and helmets. All staring anxiously outside, as if they had left something very precious out in the rain that could get washed away at any moment.

Building up a healthy track day addiction It was a great day at Knutstorp besides our little “Perfect Storm” incident, and that weren’t that bad anyway, since we were all in a splendid mood after an entire sunny day on the track. Even the Honda and I started to agree at times how we should go about this track day business.

Honda919_at_track_knutstorpDuring the day, I constantly scraped either my boot or the pegs against the tarmac. I tried positioning my inner foot different and just scraped the pegs, or rather, those knobs under the pegs. So I removed the knobs and the last pass went like a dream, nothing spoiling the free height, and at least in my mind it felt like I obtained a good rhythm; just one more pass please; a single lap; a quick trip around pit lane, please Mr. Instructor?

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