Ever wonder how they shoot motorcycle riding scenes for movies? Here’s a video that reveals the magic.

From the shooting of Twilight New Moon. Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), doing her own stunts. (if you want to call riding two-up on a motorcycle a stunt).

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3 Responses to “How they shoot motorcycle riding for movies.”

  1. Jason  August 22nd

    Depending upon who the operator of the motorcycle is, riding Pillion could be a very dangerous stunt…haha. Looks like alot of work goes into one little motorcycle scene. Didn’t see the movie though, that’s more my wife’s thing.

  2. da Geezer  August 26th

    Stunts like this fool the average newbie into imagining that they are possible in the real world. To me, movies that keep the stunts realistic are a lot more interesting.

  3. Jesper Bram  August 28th

    That’s true Jason. Ha ha!

    I haven’t seen the movie either.

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