Vehicle emissions impact on global warming is highly debated. But you don’t have to wait for a conclusion before you start taking action. You can just do like the guys in this video did, and make your current fossil fuel powered smoker into a silent and emission free electric motorcycle.

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10 Responses to “How to eliminate emissions on your motorcycle”

  1.  February 21st

    Very Cool. How do you like the PERM132 motor?

  2. Brian D.Hall  February 26th

    Great show, but you installed the perm -132 so that it turns the wrong way,it will draw more current and get hot if you run it this way. voids warrenty too

  3. Jesper  February 27th

    Maybe they had to turn it that way for it to fit, I don’t know.

  4. Pan Chopper Man  March 20th

    All you little boys have fun with your cute little electric toys.
    I just hope I don’t have to pick electric motor parts out of my tire tread after running over something that was only doing 45 MPH or I’ll be pissed.

  5. goodnslo  April 6th

    Electric motorcycles are a small niche but growing. Speed is getting faster as battery tech improves. A good example is the Killacycle at .

  6. Jesper  April 8th

    A 350 HP electric bike… wild.

  7. hoodiaweightloss  April 30th

    Wanted to compliment on your site, it looks really good .


  8. EvisceratingAxe  May 15th

    I was watching a show called Cool Fuel, they had a fully electric harley. Went 65+ had a 60 mile range, it also had 6 or so car batteries and a transmission. I found it fairly useful, and with a 60 mile range, I could use it in my area with no problems.

  9. Jesper  May 15th

    A fully electrical Harley, that’s sorta blasphemy isn’t it? But I guess you could wire a set of speakers on it as well, to maintain the “potato potato” sound.

    I’m probably more inclined to accept a fully electrical inline-four race bike of some sort.

  10. Engine 101  July 3rd

    I agree. We should act now in helping with the global warming issue. All motorists and vehicle owners should be more responsible. They should always check their rides if something’s wrong so as to minimize pollution and other harmful things.

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