Edward P. Schauss a.k.a Sportly1 sent me this great guide to installing a center stand on a Honda 919.

Edward is 67, living in Northern California and an experienced motorcycle rider. For the past 33 years he have owned 44 motorcycles, mostly Hondas. Every type of motorcycle from small to big, sport / touring, pure sports but no cruisers. Currently he is on his third Honda 919. It should be safe to say that Edward is an expert on the matter.

Here’s is Edwards tips to installing the center stand on the Honda 919. I also collected it in a PDF if you wish to download the whole thing. How to install Honda 919 Center Stand (Right click and save as).

Great thanks to Edward for taking the time to share his knowledge.

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18 Responses to “How to install a center stand on a Honda 919”

  1. Nancy  March 23rd

    Thank you Edwards for the detailed tips on how to install a center stand on a Honda 919.

  2. 4theFight  March 31st

    Thanks for the great bit of advice. This will definitely come in handy 🙂

  3. Sixx  April 9th

    The 919 is a great bike. Even better with the center stand installed. Fantastic write-up. It’s mind blowing that these Hondas don’t come from the factory this way like the VFR.

  4. Travis  April 15th

    Props to Ed for sharing his knowledge here…. the more I read lately, the more anxious I feel to buy something new, lol.

  5. Leah Petersen  April 22nd


  6. Anna  April 23rd

    Good information to have on hand!

  7. health  May 13th

    Thank you Edwards for the detailed tips on how to install a center stand on a Honda 919.

  8. Michael  May 17th

    This is one of my favorite bikes. Shame that Honda doesn’t sell them anymore.

  9. Eden luxury  May 30th

    Honda is the best of bikes

  10. Paul  June 9th

    Looking forward to more tips like this one. Keep them coming! Thanks

  11. jay  June 15th

    a useful blog. to those who are tips on the go.. they can relay to this area for reference. good job dude. more tips and detailed to go!

  12. John Singh  July 6th

    Thank you Edwards for the detailed tips about Honda

  13. katelim  August 9th

    Thanks for sharing these tips on how to install center stand for this motor, this can help individuals who love to get this honda 919.

  14. aleena  September 3rd

    amazing bike

  15. Elaia  October 21st

    Thanks for sharing this tip, this is helpful to individuals who are planning to get a Honda 919.

  16. kazmee  October 22nd

    This is a very detail procedure and it really helps me a lot, thanks for sharing.

  17. Harry  November 11th

    Really helpful tips for me. It helps me to install install a center stand on a Honda 919 perfectly. Thanks for giving this info.

  18. Juan  February 6th

    Hi. Thanks for the info. My problem is one step before. I’ve got one Hornet (2004), but tried to buy the certerstand here in Spain. They don’t sell it because of the age of my motobike. Do you know if I could get it in any webpage? I’ve been looking around and didn’t find anything.

    Thanks a lot again

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