Ever wondered how they shot those photos in the motorcycle accessory ads you see in the glossy magazines? Here’s your chance to witness a photographer laying in the back of a flatbed truck, holding a $30,000 Hasselblad just inches from the pavement while photographing a motorcycle rider doing wheelies at 70MPH. Check out the Behind-The-Scenes Film: Three Days On Location with Commercial Photographer Gregor Halenda.

Should you want to read the full details on how they organized the shoot, head over to Cinematic Stories for all the greasy details.

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4 Responses to “How to make stunning motorcycle magazine advert photos.”

  1. BikerThomas  January 27th

    Great link. I’ve always admired photographers who can make magic like this.

  2. Derek  February 2nd

    Amazing to see the amount of effort that goes into making the catalogue shots! Surprised with the BMW enduro shots, seems out of character with the brands image….still good work though.

  3. Becca  February 9th

    I used to work for a magazine, so I know how much photographers get nervous about ruining their expensive equipment. This photographer has some real skill. I love the final result.

  4. Rikk Taft  April 11th

    That is amazing footage and photos. I was impressed before when I saw photos like this but, I have a whole new respect for the art. Makes me want to dust off the old 35mm and get back into shooting. Wait can you even get film developed anymore.

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