Spring has officially begun and a new riding season is before us.
For some people this will be their first season, so let’s help them along to a good and glorious season by pooling and sharing our knowledge.

(if you have the power to fiddle with the weather, that’ll be good too)

I’ll start out by sharing some words of wisdom I’ve spewed out in occasional moments of clarity.

You can help out by sharing your advice, links to advice you wrote, links to sites you’d recommend, or what ever you think will help our new friends on the road. I will moderate everything and update the list as suggestions come in.

Here’s a few examples of what I’d like to see some advice on.

Riding gear
Choosing a helmet
Riding safety
Beginner maintenance tips
Riding courses

Feel free to think of more, just remember that it’s advice for recently hatched motorcycle riders. Even though I’ll bet we self proclaimed know-it-alls will learn a thing our two as well.

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8 Responses to “How you can easily help out new motorcycle riders”

  1. Jesper  March 27th

    Seems that some of my plugins crashed, and accidentally caused comments for new post to be turned off…way to go Jesper.

    Anyway it’s fixed now and comments are open again.

  2. Mr. 2F  May 6th

    One of the most important (and unfortunatly overlooked by many) links of all.. MSF..


  3. Pan Chopper Man  May 25th

    Safety? What’s that?

    Pan Chopper Man

  4. dan  June 19th

    For new riders there is a lot to learn! When I first started I actually found a lot of safety and install help at http://www.inlineperformancemag.com. They have full videos on everything from hand signals to road safety and even installing new parts.

  5. nick  July 29th

    H3o9yX hi! hice site!

  6. Wedumpeseeday  September 27th

    I think you made some good points in your post.

  7. Abigail Clark  August 12th

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  8. samuel  April 7th

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