Thanks to Helmet Hair reader, Joshua, for making me aware of this cool video. This stuff is great. I love to see those old work shops.

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11 Responses to “Is building and restoring motorcycles a dying craft?”

  1. 129CBRider  April 13th

    Currently I’m riding a 1981 Yamaha XT250 dual sport bike in mint oriinal condition. It was under a tarp in an old guy’s garage and his wife sold it finally 3 years after he passed away. It just needed the carb float bowl cleaned out and an oil change so I’m not sure if that counts as ‘restoring’ an old bike but it runs like a new one now. Last Sunday I took it on a 100 mile loop!

  2. eric mead  April 22nd

    well i work at a used motorcycle salvage yard and i can tell you first hand by the people who call all the time its not dying , thats for sure! we have people come in all the time for gsxr forks 05 r6s forks doin cafe racers all sorts of stuff the new show cafe racer its not really restoring but its keepin the bikes alive and bringing the new generation to the scene. by no means is it dying! heres a link to our website>

  3. Marg  April 23rd

    At Bay Harbor Motors aka Staten Island Kawasaki, New York we rebuild motorcycles all the time. We have a service department that constantly is customizing bikes from all over the country. Kudos on this blog.


  4. Rex Holman  May 25th

    I couldn’t agree more with that video. I mean what do you add to that? I’m in my 50’s and I can support the fact that the work ethic of today’s youth is instant gratification without getting their hands dirty. Hopefully their will be enough “new blood” to keep the dying arts alive.

  5. Annalisa  June 11th

    What a great video! Maybe we should make today’s youth watch it, perhaps it would motivate them. On the other hand, maybe they wouldn’t care. The guy in the video has a point. However, even though there may not be people who fix/restore vintage motorcycles for a living, there may be more DIYers. There are more resources today to learn to do things yourself. All it takes is interest in something. Motorcycles are a hobby for some people, and that won’t change. It may even grow because with higher gas prices, it could become a more popular form of transportation.

  6. James Theriot  June 21st

    I agree. It is dying. If it’s not on TV being built by idiots at OCC, then who cares? I do! He is ight about kids not knowing about the difference between a flat head and a phillips. Kids are worried about video games and facebook. Not building something. Nothing builds pride like building something of your own, or restoring something old. Not getting to level 50 on Call of Duty.

  7. Lisa Turnbull  July 10th

    This video was right on, Adam is absolutely right, It is a dying art and I Totally agree with James about kids only having interest in video games, cellphones and the computer.

  8. Fernando  July 13th

    I am not sure who said it but it is known that every aging technology on the outs becomes an art form. I just started tinkering with motorcycles about 3 years ago and it has become an obsession of sorts. My 1983 Kawi GPZ 1100 was once at the pinnacle of performance standards, and now, I am reinventing it without any mechanical training, just my will to experiment and get covered in grease.
    The spirit of creativity though stifled by entitlement and short attention spans is still alive and well in those with the will to be weird… just look at all the 70s Japanese bikes being resurrected into Cafe Racers all around the country… so the young kids don’t get it… they are the ones trying to fit in and be like everyone else, not be individuals. It takes courage and hard work to resurrect an old bike… I leave that task to the mechanically curious, sentimentally inspired nostalgics of tomorrow.. they will keep the art alive!

  9. Ryan thomas  July 18th

    I totally agree with the video that building and restoring motorcycle is a dying job.Its not at all easy to do that.
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  10. Desmo Dom  July 19th

    I get where this guy is coming from, most kids these days do only care for xbox and facetube. But there are some of us out here that would kill to be where he is. I’m an apprentice for Suzuki, just won apprentice of the year working on the new GSXR’s and the like, but they just don’t compare the the GT’s and KH’s. I wasn’t even born when they were around originally but there is just something about them that draws me to them more than any newer bike. Maybe the art is starting to die, but as much through the lack of people to learn from as a void of people waiting to step in . . .

  11. michael  October 18th

    Although my main thing is scooters and twist and go scooters at that and ones from Asia and Europe I certainly love motorcycles and the classic Yamaha 90 is where I am at today, the 70s and 80 2T double cylinder were huge to me so those bikes are what got everything started.

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