To those of you who haven’t seen this video yet. This is the most scary motorcycle stunt I’ve ever seen. Robbie Madison 2009 New Year’s Jump – Las Vegas. As one of my mates said “it’s just physics and balls”. Then I admit I don’t have the balls.

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10 Responses to “It’s just physics…and balls”

  1. David  April 16th

    F/%king hell

  2. Donald  April 17th

    I started watching this video and at the beginning thought, “okay… so what’s the big deal? He jumped up to a platform?”
    Then, the announcer said that he had to come back down… that’s when my nuggets shot up into my body. ICK!

  3. Jesper  April 17th

    Exactly Donald. Very well said.

  4. kathy  April 19th

    I don’t have the cajones either. What possesses someone to try such stunts? I’m content to just cruise.

  5. Haret  April 20th

    Woahahaha! Craaazy stunt indeed! and a LOT of balls!! Fantastic video post Jesper =)

    I know site owners are generally curious as to how random people like myself arrive at their sites, so I wanted to share with you if possible =).

    I own a 2004 Honda CB600F Hornet, and I’ve recently been scouting for a good top box and pannier set. Google is your friend of course, so I started looking, and I bumped into the photo of your 900 Hornet with full luggage, and I really liked it.

    I would just like to ask, if possible, if you could tell me what the volume capacity of your panniers/side bags is, and where, if possible, I could buy them online? (Do they have a model number/name?)

    You would really be helping me out a lot mate =)

    Many thanks from a fellow Horneteer

    Have great day


  6. Jesper  April 20th

    Hey Haret. I can’t really remember the capacity of the panniers. It was just some cheap temporary ones I bought in Hamburg at Never got around to replace them. I have at least 15.000km on them and they’re still good. The brand is Moto-Detail.

  7. L A Laser Hair Removal  April 23rd

    Maybe but there are lots of stunt that so scary than that.

  8. motorcycle9  May 12th

    your video is good i like man

  9. Max Manroe  June 10th

    Holly….F@#k!! that’s crazy man! Who is that crazy stunt motorcyclist… that video makes me scares, like horor movie, then I like it…cool! But I’ll never do that ever.

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