Found this golden nugget out there in cyberspace. It’s a video of legendary Johnny Chop doing the shake down run on his True Blue Chopper. Actually the True Blue Chopper is what set me of on the rebuild of my 73 Shovel. Didn’t know it was a Johnny Chop bike at the time though. My Shovel is just about to have its engine running again, after about a year in pieces. But that’s and entirely different story. Now just watch the video and enjoy viewing one of the bloody coolest bikes on the planet. Respects to Johnny Chop, who passed away March 2006.

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9 Responses to “Johnny Chop and the True Blue Chopper Video”

  1. fathead  September 15th

    Johny chopp , was a real biker . GBNF

  2. Pan Chopper Man  October 20th

    Oh sure, FATHEAD… you say this guy is a “real biker” but when I’m in similar situations at the side of the road with MY broke-ass panhead choppers, I get pissed on.

    Johny Chopp… I’ll give him that he was a cool dude and all. Sorry he had to die young. But I say “big fucking deal”… he was just another biker.

    Johny Chopp… shit.

  3. Pan Chopper Man  October 20th

    Sorry FATHEAD, I didn’t mean to say that you’ve pissed on me. No, I appreciate the help I’ve gotten from you on many occasions.

    I just think that there were hundreds of other “real bikers” including FATHEAD and I that should be featured in OUR own videos sometime!

  4. Motorcycle  November 6th

    Very nice vide and bikes, I like the small tanks.

  5. 90 sporty  November 24th

    why does getting stuck on the side of the road means your a real biker,besides real bikers don’t get stuck they break down and fix it and keep moving toward ther destination not head back home.

  6. anthony  December 6th

    I can’t believe anyone would talk shit about J chop. what the fuck is your problem. if i met you in person, I would beat your fuckin brains in. you fuck. he was a great guy and someone you would be lucky to know. go fuck yourself and i will be looking for you, fag

  7. Jesper  December 7th

    Don’t start, please. People threatening each other anonymously through comments, is so fucking boring.

  8. Big B  March 7th

    Johny was a true 1% and I knew him so Fuck you smart ass punks and your store bought shit

  9. suzievasko  December 30th

    I’m johnnychops sister all I want is to figure out how to see the roadside true blue video saw it years ago but wanna see it so bad…..can you help me please….and he rocked !!!!!!!we all love miss and talk about you daily fact I have a T-shirton as we chat

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