Helmet_covered_in_fliesDrove from Amsterdam to Copenhagen 800 km (500 miles) this Saturday, and as you can judge from the photo the Danish mosquitos gave us a warm suicidal welcome. Scotland is absolutely amazing, and although the roads are not always in perfect condition, it’s most definitely a motorcycle must go country. We brought home somewhat 6 hours of video and 250 photos to sort out. So I’ll go right to the sorting, and post some wicked vids of the Scottish twisties as soon as possible.

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2 Responses to “Just came back from the Scotland motorcycle tour.”

  1. James - WhyBike.com  July 24th

    Must be like night and day the difference between the roads in Denmark and the roads in Scotland. I rode through both when I was young in a car and can appreciate how good the trip would be on a bike.

    Did you see any sea monsters when you were up there?

  2. Jesper  July 24th

    Ha ha. The closest thing to a sea monster we saw was a few seals when visiting the Handa Island.

    Of course we had to go see what all the nessie fuzz was about. So we visited the Loch Ness 2000 museum in Drumnadrochit. But quickly got out of there before we where run down by a sightseeing bus.

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