You have to check out this womans awesome motorcycle paintings. The size and attention to detail is amazing.

An introduction to the motorcycle paintings of Guenevere Schwien, must mention her attention to detail and exciting compositions. Her style of Photorealism focuses on sparkling chrome, luscious clear-coated tanks, and bodywork. She has won awards, participated in an Artist Residency in Wyoming, and has shown her work across the western United States. In 2010 Guenevere reached the pinnacle of her 8 year career by completing a nine foot tall and six foot wide painting of a Ducati motorcycle, which was a commission for one of her collectors in Houston, Texas. She has always enjoyed working on a large scale, however, this painting nearly tripled the size in which she usually works. The outcome is a beautifully rendered, boldly colored, rear angle image of a red Ducati 1098. Her work embodies the essence of motorcycle riding. It’s exciting, it’s graceful, and very powerful.

Guenevere with 9ft complete

Lately Guenevere has focused on the sexy lines of the Ducati, but her past lies with the classic motorcycles. She won an award for her painting of a vintage BSA. Her collection includes several models of 70’s Japanese bikes. She has highlighted Yamaha singles, and has done several works of her own two motorcycles, an orange 1988 Honda NT650 Hawk, and a 1973 Suzuki TS100. Being a rider herself, she brings the excitement of controlling powerful machines into her work.
Guenevere grew up in Monterey Ca, and attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. It was during her time in the Bay Area that she discovered motorcycles. Her interest in motorcycles started as a convenient means for commuting across the Bay Bridge, but quickly grew into an obsession. She rode from Oakland to San Francisco everyday, as well as traveling North on weekends to Marin County, East to Mount Diablo, South down Redwood Road, and West onto the peninsula for breakfast at Alice’s Restaurant. She enjoyed taking in the beautiful scenery and the thrill of racing through those squiggling lines. Guenevere has also dabbled in dirt bikes, but found that most of the boys rode bigger bikes that were to tall for her small stature of 5’3”.

BSA low res

For now she is back on the road currently living in Portland Oregon, where she paints full-time in her studio, and keeps her bikes protected from the rain. In the past it was the inspiration of riding which initially fueled her motorcycle paintings, but lately she prefers the challenge of Photorealism, and uses motorcycles as her vehicle to express it. Though she lives in the North West this hasn’t constrained her popularity, as she shows her work around the country and has growing interest in Australia. While continuing to make work for the next show she does find time to do commissions. Visit her website to view more motorcycle paintings.


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15 Responses to “Kick ass motorcycle paintings”

  1. imoveis alegrete  December 24th

    I loved it, I want one for me

  2. custom mugs  December 24th

    good paint on bike.good work by woman’s awesome motorcycle paintings

  3. Sami Parker  December 29th

    Your post is really mind blowing and amazing, thanks for such a lovely blog

  4. Biker T Shirts  January 3rd

    Wow, they are amazing and not bad prices either

  5. Sami Parker  January 6th

    Really really heart touching article, specially for all the nature lovers like me. I loved it form ma heart. Can I share it on my blog?

  6. James Stone  January 10th

    I love the way Guenevere incorporated her passion for motorcycles (which I totally understand) into her passion for painting. The result is a beautiful form of expression. I wonder if she will ever do a Harley.

  7. Blue ornate  January 12th

    waw… motorcycle paintings is mind blowing and amazing.

  8. A Daytona Beach biker  January 13th

    These are really fabulous…would love one in my living room!!!

  9. Yves  January 19th

    Haha, I love the way that gigantic Ducati painting is just put on two chairs. It’s kind of ironic for such a painting to be treated that way. Anyway, these do look amazing. I didn’t even know there were painters inspired by motorcycles. Good stuff!

  10. V. Nelson  February 3rd

    Amazing work….What inspired you?

  11. Kevin G  March 1st

    Amazing! Look like photos.

  12. AFB Motorcycles  March 14th

    They are good photo realistic images, but you’ve got to ask yourself, why not just take a photograph.

  13. Janet  March 15th

    I am really impressed by the “red Ducati 1098 painting”. That’s commendable.

  14. Harley  April 10th

    Really nice look.I wish I could paint.

  15. Adri  April 30th

    I like a lot of David Uhl’s motorcycle artwork. Much different style, but depicts an era long gone beautifully.

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