This thing surfaced a couple of days ago. As far as I’ve heard the guy suffered no serious injuries, so I think it’s alright to post it. The dude have built the worlds fastest electric motorcycle, and decides to show off to the press by doing a burnout on the sidewalk. Everything looks good, and it burns the tire like a charm. But the tire gets warm, water on the sidewalk evaporates, and WHOOOT! the bike takes off like a rocket and smash into a car. Nice move mate. If nothing else, he has proved that his king size race tuned belt sander is one mean machine.

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8 Responses to “Killacycle and the question if burnout on a sidewalk is such a grand idea”

  1. fathead  September 18th

    That was awesome , I love show offs , he looked real cool in front of that girl , I wish I could be like him .

  2. Pan Chopper Man  September 20th

    It was his shoelaces!
    I saw somebody tie them to the automatic brake release switch just before he took off.
    I think it was his girlfriend.

    …Why else would his shoes be off his feet after the accident?

  3. little tike  September 20th

    Hehe what a cool guy! why are such retards born?

  4. James Hunaban  September 23rd

    How embarassing

  5. yamaha raptor 700 review  September 25th

    Well I hope this accident could be prevented and we have to be more careful and should think of our safety first. Thanks for sharing this video clip.

  6. Pan Chopper Man  October 6th

    Fuck safety first yamahama raptaflapta 700 review muthafugga.
    Who the fuck are you anyways???

  7. Sidewalk Fun « Moto-Madness  October 24th

    […] Posted by Jenn on September 19th, 2007 So here’s the deal.  I think it’s a super awesome idea to build an electric powered motorcycle that will actually be worth riding.  What’s not so cool?  Acting like an idiot.  This guy built the world’s fastest electric motorcycle, then he decided to show off for the press by doing a burn out on the sidewalk.  Dude…take it to the street.  Click here for the video. […]

  8. discount tires  November 8th

    I think the throttle got stuck and the tire gained some massive traction, what a shocker.

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