List of Ghost Rider reviews

February 19th, 2007 Jesper Bram 9 Comments » | View blog reactions

Ghost rider movie reviews
Reviews of the new motorcycle movie, Ghost Rider, is starting to surface. So far it doesn’t get the best of recommendations. I guess most of us motorcycle nut will go watch it anyway, because, hey!, its got motorcycles in it, and flames, and motorcycles, did I mention flames?

Here’s a list of links to reviews. 3/10

Blogotional “the movie is a visual feast for the eyes” “Crazy at Heart and Absolutely Stupid on Top” “I still walked away feeling like I enjoyed it”

Cynical Nation “I knew it was probably going to suck”

The Corner “The good news is: It’s really, really bad”

Hog Blog “The show was actually pretty darned good”

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9 Responses to “List of Ghost Rider reviews”

  1. Retrorider  February 19th

    Another one here:

  2. Pan Chopper Man  March 20th

    During the scene where Peter Fonda (playing Satan I guess) approaches Nicholas Cage (sitting on his bike) and casually comments… “nice bike”

    …Was I the only one in the whole F’n theater that got that?! or are there really that many people that have never seen Easyrider!

  3. Dan  March 22nd

    haven’t seen the movie yet but the one thing that throws me off from the start is Cage. He’s been putting out lousy movies lately and it’s hard not to relate those back to this. Cage doesn’t give you different characters. He gives you Nicholas Cage as the Ghost Rider or Weatherman or whatever. Kind of like Keanu Reeves. Some actors make you buy into the character and forget who they are. I’ll wait for the rental.

  4. Jesper  March 24th

    Pan chopper man, what do you mean by “got that”? Are you referring to that the bike looks a little like the captain America bike?

    Dan, I think I agree with you. I’m getting a little tired of Cage as well.

  5. Pan Chopper Man  March 25th

    Yea, that’s kinda it, Jesper…
    Peter Fonda, as everyone knows, played Wyatt in Easy Rider.
    …Now, any true “biker” knows that the bike he rode in Easy Rider was the most famous of all panhead choppers, the “Captain America”.
    So when I say that scene in Ghost Rider was ironically funny, now you know why.

  6. Bill Wolsleben  February 24th

    Being a paranormal nut-job I admit going to see the movie just for that very reason. I was never really into the comic book. The movie was so-so. Cage is a fine actor and I’m sure he really has to try hard to screw a performance up. I’m trying to decide who could have done more with the character but it’s tough. It’s not one of those roles you could easily wrap your “skull” around.

  7. Tommy  October 4th

    Honest To God I didn’t get a chance to see the whold movie but I got a glimpese, I immediatly ask myself “Isn’t the Fonda’s Panhead”? Then when I saw him at the end of the movie I knew for sure I knew my scutters.

  8. health  May 17th

    Dan, I think I agree with you. I’m getting a little tired of Cage as well.

  9. psgggcl  March 8th

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