Haven’t seen the movie yet, as it hasn’t opened in Denmark. But I’ve been following the incoming reviews closely. So far people seem to think it more or less sucks. But, since it brought in $38 million on the first weekend, apparently people want to see it anyways. Below is a list of the reviews I’ve found. Feel free to comment with links to reviews I’ve missed.

  • Alternative Film Guide “Wild Hogs is a true insult of a movie”
  • moviegasm “This may rank as the worst pun in the short history of moviegasm”
  • Cinematical.com “For the first half hour, pic repeatedly hits us over the head with the fact that our four main characters have grown into middle-aged boring men who wouldn’t know fun and adventure if it came squealing into their driveways.”
  • Screenhead.com “What I saw was… bland. Seriously, this movie puts tofu to shame.”
  • Mis-Adventures of Captain Poopy “I am sharing my mounting disappointment in this movie with you to spare you from this sad mirage of a good movie, filled with over-the-top “jokes” and terrible overacting and not in a Naked Gun type of way.”
  • PopMatters.com “The first joke in Wild Hogs sets its limits.”
  • AndPOP “Wild Hogs, director Walt Becker’s first movie since 2002, is somewhat of a lukewarm success.”
  • The Fire Ant Gazette “Let me say right off the bat that if you’re a parent of one or more teens, do not take them with you to see this movie.”

I think I’ll just wait for the DVD.

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8 Responses to “List of Wild Hogs reviews”

  1. Dan  March 8th

    Well… At least “300” opens tomorrow…

    Now THAT sounds like it’ll be amazing!

  2. Jesper  March 8th

    Indeed, can’t wait until it opens in Denmark.

  3. KC  March 10th

    Having seen both, I’d watch Wild Hogs again on DVD. I wouldn’t bother with Ghost Rider.

  4. Holly  March 19th

    No one is going to this movie thinking it is one of the world’s greatest accomplishments of film! It was funny! It was a movie that both I and my biker boy could go to and enjoy. Was it over the top sometimes? Absolutely. But it’s still better than many of the things coming out claiming to be funny that are just mean and rude (i.e. bad santa.) Loosen up! Don’t go expecting a masterpiece.

  5. Simon  March 22nd

    I thought it was great. My wife (who doesn’t ride) and I saw it yesterday and we both thought it was quite funny. More so than I was expecting. Sure the acting was over the top at times, but that’s what the film was all about. William H Macey was superb. I’d definately recommend it.


  6. Jesper  March 22nd

    I think Bad Santa was hilarious, a little edge like that would suite Wild Hogs good. Still haven’t seen it though, so it’s just a guess.

  7. Dan  March 22nd

    I took my wife and 14 yr old daughter to see this movie and we all thought it was worth it. A simple funny movie and nothing more. Macey stole the movie from the rest of the cast.

  8. Dan  February 18th

    Wild Hogs! What did you expect, social commentary? intellectual art film? Give me a break. This movie is just fun, nothing more. Sometimes we just need a good laugh. A lot of the comedy will be missed by the 4 wheel crowd but two wheelers will get it. I loved it and yes I have ridden Harleys for over 30 years.

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