Time to try something new on Helmet Hair. There’s a few motorcycle games floating around that you can embed on your own webpages. I’m going to try and embed one, play around with it for a bit, and write my opinion on the game as comments. Feel free to join the fun and say what you think about the game.

First game I’m going to try will be Uphill Rush, a motor cross style stunt game.

uphill rush motorcycle game screen shot

Game Description:
Compete against the timer or race against another racer in the vehicle of your choice. Race through 4 different worlds with a motorcycle,  quad bike, skateboard or monster truck.

  • Race your bike over the hills and the obstacles and finish each level without falling down.
  • Perform cool tricks in the air to gain more points and turbo.
  • Peform 3 X 360∞ flips to gain turbo. Once the turbo bar (bottom left of the screen) is full you can press the Z key to encrease your speed and make longer jump.
  • Use arrow keys to accelare, brake and lean forward and back. Jump using Space.

Here’s the game

For more bike games check out Games-Now.com

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11 Responses to “Live motorcycle game review: Uphill Rush”

  1. Jesper  April 2nd

    Woa! this is hard. Seems pretty fun though.

  2. David  April 2nd

    not bad, killed a few mins in my After lunch stupor

  3. Nancy  April 3rd

    The skateboard was cool …looks like something ill have yto check into!!

  4. Jesper  April 4th

    Hmm… think I’ve lost my patience with this game now. I’m staying on the bike max 1-2 seconds at the time.

    Too steep a learning curve in my opinion. You’re missing the element of progress to lure you into continue playing.

    Maybe I’ll try the skateboard or ATV version

  5. Motorcycle  April 5th

    Cool game..
    Let me try..

  6. Mario Livajic  April 13th

    cool game

  7. BikerThomas.com  April 21st

    Awesome game!

  8. john  June 1st

    i cant play any gomes at school, they r blockd

  9. Max Manroe  June 10th

    This game to difficult for me 🙁 But it’s cool…

  10. lil wayne  January 29th

    Im 2 busy club hopin 2 play this game

  11. motorbike games  July 11th

    nice motorbike, i always like motorbike games. this game give fun for me.

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