The Japanese gets the most crazy ideas. Here’s a good example. Some guy invents a roller-suit. You know roller skates and skateboard etc. but an entire roller suite. It’s supposed to be able to go 116km/h (70mph). To prove it he decides to race against a motorcycle down some wicked twisties. Check out the video to see who wins.

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15 Responses to “Man in a bobsled suit race against a motorcycle”

  1. Malcolm  October 7th

    Wonder how long it took for him to fully develop the suit and then to learn how to steer it. Looks like fun.

  2. Busana Muslim  October 8th

    nice clips..

  3. corderoak  October 9th

    Lol, my grandma has better skills on a bika than that japanese

  4. Jesper  October 13th

    Yea, I thought so as well. Looks very much like he’s holding back.

  5. 125cc Bikes  October 14th

    I remember seeing a video of that guy a couple years ago where he only had wheels on his hands and knees. Looks like he’s developed his style since then!

    Looks awesome!

  6. VonSontag  October 15th

    This is not a japanese invention, the guy is french. He invented the roller suit 10 years ago…

  7. Nick  October 21st

    Is sure makes for a great video, but that guy is gonna get his goofy ass run over one of these days -and it would take a while for the medics to chase him down!
    Id be interested in seeing who was fastest in time trials. Im going with the bike.

  8. El hombre skate-board contra una moto  October 22nd

    […] | Helmet Hair n […]

  9. Whiteline  October 22nd

    Looks like it would be a blast – I’m thinking the person on the bike needs some lessons though ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Jesper  October 24th

    Yea, a track day or two wouldn’t hurt him.

  11. Mountain Boy  November 6th

    I would love to see the bloopers from this guy when he was “learning” to drive his bobsled race suit…… video clips of when he wrecks…. when a motorcycle runs him over :-)…. this would entertain me. Maybe there’s a video out there of this … maybe not.

    The guy on the bike was not even trying. A 125cc could have taken this guy…..

  12. busana muslim  July 16th

    Wow… nice clips. thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. catering Jakarta Selatan ( Rhima Catering )  February 24th

    Looks like it would be a blast รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm thinking the person on the bike needs some lessons though
    Id be interested in seeing who was fastest in time trials

  14. jual baju anak  February 6th

    nice video clip

  15. Busana Muslim  February 17th

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