Tech week at the Jockey Journal just ended, and here’s a list of the amazing tips and tricks people shared. Big thanks to all the people who took the time to write these up.

  1. Adjustable rear fender
  2. Building Stainless Fenders
  3. Hardtailing an XS650
  4. Sectioned Sporty Tank
  5. Timing is everything
  6. Hard-tailing an OIF Triumph
  7. Boost your panhead oil pressure
  8. Evo cam in a pan 101
  9. Harley 18″ and 19″ Aluminum Rims
  10. Exhaust Tech
  11. 45 tuning for speed
  12. Ever welded small parts and the also weld to your weld table?
  13. Another tech tip
  14. So you need to weld a bracket and you want …
  15. Reconditioning carb boots TECH
  16. More Tap Drill Size Tech
  17. Tap drill size TECH
  18. Sparkplug TECH
  19. Wheel truing stand
  20. Always have a metal valve cap on tire valve stem
  21. TECH Machining principles
  22. Swingarm axle stuck
  23. OIF rear engine mount tidying up
  24. Get home w/a bad ignition parts
  25. Scratch Built Link
  26. Neck cup tool
  27. Spoke wheels
  28. Tech week offering…Hot Tank
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3 Responses to “Massive list of motorcycle tech articles for the garage builder”

  1. steve  October 29th


    I just wanted to say thinks for the info. I just built my first Home Built chopper. It was a Kikker5150 Hardknock form

    the articles gave me a good heads up for things to look for as i was putting it together.

    As a side note, i just want to say that building a Bike, or at least putting one togethor is an awesome experience. for anyone who is even a little bit of a gear head, the Hardknock Bobber was a great first bike for me to work on.

    If your looking to get started in home building bikes, Take a look and take a look.

  2. Gator59  October 24th

    I need to know what I can use for a lead substitute on my 75 FLH.

  3. Jesper  October 24th

    You can get lead substitute (also known as octane booster) on most gas stations.

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