Yea, well it’s a pocket bike but never the less. I know I’m probably on thin ice here concerning both animal welfare and the seriousness of the blog, but what the heck. Think of the possibilities. Next step is to train the little fellow to drive down to the local store and pick a six pack and some smokes for you.

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8 Responses to “Monkey riding a motorcycle – for real”

  1. Chris Miller  April 11th

    That’s awesome, I want a monkey now!

  2. David  April 11th

    Sorry to spoil it for you guys but the monkey is on a chain, and when its owner yanks it the monkey zooms along. Look a litte closer and you’ll see the chain.

  3. Jesper  April 11th

    Yea, I’ve seen the chain David. But it doesn’t look like he’s dragging the monkey. More like signaling it to go. Still looks like the monkey is in control of the throttle.

  4. Pan Chopper Man  April 20th

    That was a funny little clip there Jesper. I laughed. Keep ’em coming. I still think your blog is top notch.

    If you get a second sometime… give me your opinion about mine.

    Oh, went for my first ride yesterday (April 19th) it was finally in the 70’s here in Maine. Then the sun went down and I froze my nuts off going home.

    Pan Chopper Man

  5. BMWmoto  April 24th

    That may be the funniest and coolest thing I’ve seen in a while…

  6. Makka  July 18th

    there is no throttle on that bike.

    It’s all yank power.

    But God did give man dominion over the animals so it’s okay.

  7. Nick  August 20th

    oh yeah i thought those clips were cool
    till i realised it’s all chain, even in the second one, shit, poor monkey

  8. Electric Pocket Bikes  November 25th

    That was a lol…thanks for sharing

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