Check out this video of Mexican Motorcycle Acrobats, Los “Halcones”. This video is nice, because it has a vintage feel to it. No smoke and mirrors, just a display of courage (or foolishness, what ever is your dish) and remarkable accuracy. The fact that they do their tricks on 50 year old motorcycles (Harley Davidson Panheads, I believe) ads to the magic. The motorcycles seem to be in their original state as well, which is not getting any less rare.

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3 Responses to “Video of amazing acrobats on motorcycles from the fifties”

  1. Dustin Coffey  February 13th

    That was a great video!! Kudos to those guys!!

  2. Jesper  February 13th

    Yup, that dismount is pretty neat right?

  3. Pan Chopper Man  March 21st

    Now there’s a vocation a man can be proud of!

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