I’ve heard of these airbag suits for some time now, but it’s the first time I’ve seen one in action. Apparently Dainese tested their suite at a motogp race. Check out the video.

More info at: Vinding road, Boingboing

Via: Crunch Gear

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9 Responses to “Video of motorcycle airbag suit in action”

  1. Toni Weel  March 30th

    When I read the article my first thought was “that will take out all the fun of riding a motorcycle”. But watching the movie it looks like it could save you from being hurt. I’ve been riding myself all over Europe and the USA for 30+ years and the only accidents I had was as a passenger before I had my license. I have guided many motorcycle tours, made many month long trips and probably many more will follow, but I just can’t imagine myself ever wearing something like this ‘airbag suit’. I think what keeps us save is paying attention in traffic, being aware of others NOT paying attention. Stay safe!

  2. Motorcycle videos  March 31st

    That was very cool, now we need one with the pants also inflating.

  3. motorcycle helmets  April 1st

    Cool video jes. thanks, I never thought that rider can use airbag…

  4. Road Captain  April 3rd

    ABATE is fighting the helmet law tooth and nail. I’m in Delaware where we don’t have a helmet law and everyone is riding around in shorts and flip flops. Just seems ironic to me the two extrems of our sport. Those who are interested in safety equipment and those who don’t even want to protecxt their skull.

  5. baccarat  April 4th

    How many times did he turn around? I think it’s really dangerous and inflating pants would be of use for this man. Nice video.

  6. BMWmoto  April 24th

    Hmm… I guess that looks like it works.. How much is it?

  7. maze  May 23rd

    so… is he stunt man? watching the video, he looks like he knows how to crash.. just mentioning that.

  8. paul  July 2nd

    i also think that takes the fun out of riding bike. but putting in another way i do see the positive in the airbag. but here is South Africa we have taxi’s which don’t give a dam abt you so still paying attention to the traffic will be more relevant….

  9. PLEG1972  March 17th

    I don’t understand why ABATE is fighting so hard for anti-helmet laws. Shouldn’t they be fighting more to protect us, not wasting money on helmet laws? That’s like AAA fighting to stop seatbelt, child seats, and airbag laws…just sounds stupid to me.

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