Latest installment of Matt Marinos motorcycle comic. They’re getting better and better. Matt appreciates all the comments he can get, so fire away guys.

motorcycle diet

By Matt Marino creator of K-N-J Moto and Moto Basturds

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4 Responses to “Motorcycle Comic – A healthy diet”

  1. Biker Forums  January 30th

    Nice, beer and pretzels a healthy diet! I guess I am now a health nut.

  2. Raven  February 5th

    You mean you’re supposed to eat while working away in your garage!!!!!

    I always forget as I’m so busy out there!!

  3. Matt  February 6th

    Eating is optional, but you MUST drink. Whatever you do, don’t become dehydrated. Thirst is your enemy.

  4. Dan  February 10th

    Pretty good stuff. I have a friend who draws motorcycle cartoons and see his cartoon Skidlid Sid. I like your stuff here and keep up the great work.

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