Theres been a lot of Harley Davidson commercials going around lately, now Big Dog Motorcycles join the battle for your attention. Luckily they’re not all as “life style” dictating as some of the Harley ads, although it is sort of the only unique selling point cruiser manufacturers have to play at, as performance is hardly what sells cruisers, or what ever you want to call them.

Even though this commercial more or less follows the “you’re cool if you ride this” standard pattern, it still made me smirk.

Now strike what I said about not being “life style” dictating, here’s another one from Big Dog, that goes all the way to a point of being almost religious. But it does have a split second of pinstriping in it, which I’m a sucker for. So just ignore the preaching narrator and at least enjoy the massive talent of the Big Dog paint shop artists.

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6 Responses to “Motorcycle commercial that makes you smile”

  1. James -  December 14th

    That mom is hot . . . and a freak!

  2. Mike  January 3rd

    YAWN!!! Silly little men.

  3. Visitor054  October 19th

    I have visited your site 754-times

  4. Visitor054  October 19th

    I could not find this site in the Search Engines index

  5. Jesper  October 19th

    Did you try Google? Search for motorcycle blog or helmet hair and it’s number 1 and 2 on the result page.

  6. macysthanksgivingdayparadeballoon  November 11th

    person receiving it

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