Bike Meet 2007 in Roskilde Denmark is over and the beer fumes are starting to dissolve. A few nice motorcycles there and the bands where pretty good. Otherwise the event was a bit marked by everything from admittance to food and drinks being bloody expensive. Not the best idea if you want to establish a popular motorcycle rally. I hope they learn their lesson and have a good PR firm to repair the damage, or next year will be a massive failure.

Here’s some of the photos I shot while I could still pronounce my name.


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5 Responses to “Motorcycle photos from Scandinavian Bike Meet 2007”

  1. BikerDan  May 24th

    God Bless Nordic Riders!

    Their taste in choppers is awesome–I’ve always been a big fan of the style…

  2. Jesper  May 25th

    Yea, most of the bikes pictured are from Sweden or at least not from Denmark. In Denmark our hands and feet are tied in regards to customization. So there’s a reason why Sweden is known for extended fork choppers, they are the only Scandinavian country where it’s allowed.

    We all digg them, but “the man” says we can’t…(but sometimes we do it anyway) 😉

  3. Biker James  May 31st

    I saw some of those same bikes at the Super Rally in the Netherlands this past weekend. Scandinavia would have been a nice event to attend also. Can’t go to them all though.

  4. Pan Chopper Man  July 26th

    Rigid frames, long front ends, and tall sissy bars… I love it!

    As for the rest of the sweet customizations that you all really want to do… tell “the man” to go fu.. himself.

  5. health  May 23rd

    God Bless Nordic Riders!

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