Well, think again. Here’s a video from back when an old dented bucket on top of your head was considered the highest safety standards.

And I don’t think Monty Python was born back then so they can’t have been involved. But it’s clear where they got their inspiration.

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9 Responses to “You thought motorcycle racing has grown more dangerous”

  1. BMWmoto  May 1st

    That was a cool vid.

    I live in St. Louis Missouri and right across the river in Illinois they don’t require helmets. I’ve left mine on the back of the bike going from the gas station to lunch in a small town and it freaks me out. I don’t see how people ride without one. Not only is your head unprotected but you get a bunch of bugs, rocks and wind in your face.

  2. koen  May 7th

    Cool video!
    but still i think it was a lot safer back then
    I have been riding for years now and think that i would prefer a crash with an 40 year old Gillet 350 at 40 MPH in the sand to a crash with lets say, the new blade with 120 MPH and hard concrete.
    Now i think about it , i would prefer the old gillet and dont crash
    Would be cool to ride around now today :o)

  3. john  May 12th

    Great video!
    I live in Spain and see riders and pillions with no protective gear at all. Very scary! Seldom see gloves, normally flip flops and no real protective clothing around the towns.
    I dont think I could ride without the right gear myself, however restrictive it is.

  4. Pan Chopper Man  May 25th

    The helmet law here in Maine was repealed back in the 70’s when United Bikers of Maine organized it. I ride almost all the time without wearing mine just because I like the feel of it. But at times riding down the highway at 65 mph without a helmet makes me a bit nervous. If it weren’t for my rebellious nature I’d probably wear a helmet like alot of other Maine bikers do.

    I simply don’t like to be told by the authorities that I have to ride a certain way. I think I can decide what measure of safety is right for me.

    Pan Chopper Man

  5. Matt  May 25th

    That video is a true find. I always wear a helmet, and good thing too I feel off on my very first ride, that helmet probably saved my life. I fins that in smaller towns, no one really fusses about not wearing a helmet. I mean your only cruising like 20 or 30 whats the big deal?

  6. Katya Mullethov  June 7th

    I see the insurance industry and ER
    numbers and it is very appearant that
    getting my head smashed open is not only a distinct possibility , but a mathematical certainty if the hit is hard enough . Especially considering the speeds on the roads I travel .

    So I realize I really need to be wearing one of my many helmets on my commute but I am afraid my coworkers will make fun of me , or I might even be ticketed by the HP’s . How do other people handle the remark ” Well duuhh , you’re in car , you dont need no hail-mat” ! ” …. ?

  7. Ken  July 30th

    Funny how a posting of an old video has lead to a discussion of helmets. I’ll go with the flow and add my own comments.

    I ride without a helmet much of the time. I enjoy it. It doesn’t freak me out as it apparently does those who have never done it. When I was growing up they didn’t have helmet laws. Heck, you weren’t even required to wear eye protection and that’s one thing I consider absolutely essential. I mean, you can ride for years and not go down, but I’m forever getting smacked on the glasses by bugs or road grit.

    On the other hand, totally opposite to my buddies who almost always wear helmets, I’m the only one who usually wears other protective clothing. They ride in T-shirts and I wear a leather jacket, even on hot summer days.

    Bottom line, everyone is different. And I agree totally with Pan Chopper Man that I can decide what measure of safety is right for me. I don’t need a nanny bureaucrat making that decision.

  8. Motorcycle Fairings  September 3rd

    Security is important and I guess the faster the bikes the more dangerous an drastic the accidents can be. Always wear the helmet

  9. Denver Allston  March 8th

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