Harley V-RodThere are a lot of different opinions on the V-Rod design and until I rode it the first time I didn’t think much of it either. But when you first sit on the bike it’s like putting on a glove handmade just for you. Everything’s where it should be, forward controls, handlebars, clocks, it all just fits (at least for me). And it rides, you bet ya it rides. You instantly feel the 23 horses it’s got more than the Yamaha Road Star Warrior. It didn’t feel like revs were the favourite diet, but you don’t expect that from a cruiser anyway, and it has all the torque you can handle.

I was surprised how good it handled in the corners, of course it’s no sports bike, but I bet you won’t find any other cruiser that handles corners like the V-Rod. The bike I tried where fitted with Screaming Eagle cans and let’s just say the sound is NICE, before I start drivelling on my keyboard. This must be the coolest of the so called Power Cruisers and now you can even get it in all black instead of the “Starship Enterprise” all silver that were the single option when first introduced.

There are only a few drawbacks on this magnificent machine. First: riding two up is not an option with the standard seat, did it once with my girlfriend and now she won’t let me have one. Second: the price, and make sure you’re seated; In Denmark, the price in 2005 for a new VRSCA V-Rod, no accessories, no extras, standard colour, just the bike off the factory floor is (and I kid you not) 67,540 USD (378,225 Danish kroner). Yes! 67,540 U.S.dollar.

First impression rating: First impression rating 4/5 helmets
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20 Responses to “Motorcycle tryout: ’04 Harley Davidson V-Rod.”

  1. Mr. H.K.  January 29th

    Great looking blog! Hope you find your audience!

  2. Jesper  January 30th

    Thanks mate, and thank you for leaving a comment.

  3. Anonymous  February 3rd

    WOW. $67,000+ USD !!!!! They’re only $19,000 – $23,000 USD right off the showroom floor out here in the Pacific NW. Not sure about the shipping fees, etc. but sounds like it would be cheaper to buy here and ship home.

    ~ Web Mistress ~

  4. Jesper  February 3rd

    The price on bikes in Denmark are that high because of taxes. If you buy a bike from another country, you still have to pay the tax. So unfortunately that doesn?t solve it.

  5. The Snark  January 7th

    Much the same here. The government in Malaysia has imposed a 100% import duty on motorcycles with large engine capacities. Which makes everything twice as expensive as it is most anywhere else in the world.

  6. SteveR  June 5th

    $15,995-18,575 6/5/06 V-Rod MSRP From the HD website.

  7. contreeboy  November 25th

    the tax man gonna get u one way or another check out my blog

  8. Balazs Balint  March 22nd

    In hungary the prices of V-Rod are also high here in Hungary. But this bike is googd enough to have an extreme price. Just compare with Ducati desmosedici!

  9. Jesper  March 24th

    Think, I’d prefer the Desmosedici then.

  10. Indian Road Rider  May 12th

    Hi there iam from India my view is that Harley Davidson is a bike that is avery fragile bike and it requires constant care and maintenance. So if i were to buy a Harley here in India through the import route and one day while i am miles away from my home riding the Harley and god forbid it breaks down in the middle if nowhere i would be stuck there maybe for afew days gor a week as in India the mechanics have little or no knowledge of imported bikes so would not it better if i was riding a a yamahe inline four cylinder bike of the cruiser type and be more assured that it will not break down in the middle if no where, nothing personal just a question.

  11. Jesper  May 14th

    I don’t think I’d buy a motorcycle for which there was no dealers in my country. Unless you’re absolutely sure you can fix it yourself and don’t care about warrenty. Any bike can break down, not just the HD’s.

  12. david  July 30th

    have you seen that 1965 harley-davidson sprint for sale on e-bay? it’s black and white. ad said it was restored by ted tine’s motorsports. i used to deliver news papers on one like that when i was a teenager. brings back memories.

  13. nigel  February 5th

    i own a vrod 2003 aniversary model and i love it all the power i could ever want and then some and even now where ever i go people will stop and look at it and you can see that they are wanting one but not this one this fuckers mine and all the chrome bits on it

  14. Bohunk SD  June 17th

    I have been to all of your comments for each bike, and I find it funny that you rated the VRod the highest, but you have the most and best comments from all of the VTX owners, Don’t figuar. You made as a start a good eval of the VRod, but all of the followers never commented on it other than it’s mine, and the rest of the hype was about the high cost, and I loved the maintance pun from India. VTX owners must like their bikes more than the VRod owners we have a lot more good comments and info so rock on VTX.

  15. Jesper  June 17th

    Yea, Bohunk. I guess that there’s not that much community feeling around the VRod.

  16. katie lang  October 22nd

    The 2004 Harley Davidson VROD is a beautiful looking bike and an amazing ride. Anyone who could afford a bike should buy a 2004 VROD it would be the ride of your life. Just an amazing bike.

  17. katie lang  October 22nd

    The Harley Davidson 2004 VROD is a beautiful looking bike and an amazing ride. Try it out for yourself youll never want any other kind of bike its amazing,

  18. katie lang  October 22nd

    Great looking amazing ride the 2004 VROD

  19. alan wheater  April 21st

    had nrs for two years road from manchester to spain and back twice.used 2LTRS oil on both trips .apart from that great bike.

  20. Harley Davidson Decals  November 2nd

    I found this to be great stuff, I plan on sharing it.

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